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Severe pain following Lumbar MRI without contrast
cowgrl57 posted:
I am hoping someone can help me with this. I had an MRI about three weeks ago because I have a severe burst fracture of L2 with a large piece tipping into the anterior spinal canal. Over the past month, my injury was 5/6/12, the compression of the disc has gone from 30% at initial injury with a 15% angle to a successive 49% and a 19% angle followed by an assessment MRI on 5/26 which is static and another standing xray that shows a 59h compression and a 22% angle. Initially I had no nerve involvement, but as I Have laid flat in bed the past seven weeks, the compression increases, te angle increases and last week there began symptoms of sciatic burning both legs, more right than left and a going to sleep numbing feeling from my waist to the mid thigh on the right and top 1/3 of thigh on the left. So about 5 hours ago, today 6/19 I had another MRI to check nerve involvement or spinal cord damage. By the time the second series of transitions were happening I had an incredible increase in pain in the area of the fracture all the way to the tailbone. For the entire 30 minutes this continued, I felt as if my back had just been pummeled or beaten so hard. I am hurting so bad with pain levels through the roof. Take a pain pill you might say....easier said than done..I am allergic to almost all pain medication so I am practicing breathing and counting forward and backward to try to bring the levels down. On xray, there has been absolutely no healing over the last 7 weeks, just more settling of fragments. I have never had an MRI hurt me, but this one did greatly and I am told they don't Can anyone help me with this?????? At least some type of explanation?????

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