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    Changing Your Lifestyle
    An_246151 posted:
    Food for thought, pardon the pun, but hearing how you are both in so much pain, please consider changing your diet. Before you do this, educate yourself by Googling Dr. T. Colin Campbell, who wrote the book "The China Study," and other doctors like Dr. John McDougall who believe that a whole-foods, plant-based diet can restore your health. Dr. McDougall has a free website full of educational information and his wife, who is a nurse, gives out wonderful, tasty recipes on their monthly newsletter. There is a theory about "leaky gut syndrome" that allows proteins that people ingest, especially animal proteins that set off our immune system. The immune system does not recognize these foreign proteins so it attacks it but also attacks our own bodies as well. Hence, the multiple diagnoses that you both are experiencing. If giving up meat and dairy seems too far-fetched, give it a trial of 8 weeks or so and see for yourself if it truly makes a difference. My husband and I love eating this way and I actually do not like it when I eat cheese anymore. I have been able to go off Crestor by changing my diet to a whole-foods plant-based diet. I feel good and I do not have those afternoon slumps anymore. I am a nurse, studying to be a Nurse Practitioner and this is what I would love to do after graduating. I wish you both good health. Be sure to educate yourselves. You can try "Meatless Mondays," which will also give you recipes. Just remember to eat a variety of beans, grains, legumes, vegetables and fruit and limit processed oils. Dr. Neal Barnard also has some good books out about how to incorporate a low-fat vegan diet to improve your health. My husband and I still enjoy pizza, but it is vegan-style with vegan "pepperoni" and lots of vegetables. You will be surprised by how delicious the foods are. Not everything will appeal to you, but experiment and start enjoying good health and not fighting disability.

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