would gasoline/petrol inhalation be very toxic? Say I have to keep my scooter inside my living room,
An_246475 posted:
since vandalizers have been slashing tires and stuff,
this scooter has a gas cap vent, so there is some evaporation of

Well, I sure can smell some gasoline, what symptoms and stuff would happen cancer?


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would the smell of gasoline in the living room mean:
  • it will cause cancer
  • it will cause a headache
  • it will kill lung cells like smoking does.
  • All of above.
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Chris_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi and welcome,

I'm not sure about the statistics on this and we have no health care professional in this community. I encourage you to call and talk to your doctor about this. Share your concerns with him/her.

Best of luck and health to you!
Good Luck and Good health,
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