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Blow to the head of a child
mustelid1 posted:
I couldn't find anywhere else to ask this.I was abused as a child and I remember my father slamming his fist down on the top of my head at least once when I was very young. Could this have caused me physical damage? It was not checked then because, even though my grandmother and I both told my mother I was being abused, my mother just blew it off. I am a natural introvert, but have always disliked human contact more than the average introvert. I grew up in my bedroom hiding. What I suppose I am really asking, though, is could the blows to the head affected my behavior?
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Mustelid and welcome to WebMD,

I encourage you to repost your question to our Baby's First Year Community ; the experts there may have some thoughts for you.

Additionally, you may also want to post on our Sexual Abuse Survivors Community . Though the topic there is childhood sexual abuse, any and all kinds of abuse are also discussed there and it may help you to talk with others about how this has impacted you.

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