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Human vs Feline Respiratory infections
Dawnspugs posted:
Hi I am new to the board. But I have a question. My husband works and carpools with another man who seems to have had several (five or more) sinus infections this year. They are so severe he cannot go and function at his job. He and his wife have an indoor cat. From what I understand the cat is cared for mainly by the husband. Can respiratory infections be transmitted from animal to human and vise versa in this respect?
feelT2 responded:
Hi,As far as I Know(owning a couple of beautiful feline companions)Animal diseases usually stay with its respective hosts-cats><cats/dogs><dogs etc.The man's cat does not have a respiratory infection!!&the man did'nt catch his cat's non-existent infection!He ,probably is allergic to his cat's dander like a lot of people are but does show the usual symptoms of sneezing,watery eyes,hives....He is like me and now gets severe sinusitis&/0r infections.Your husband should'nt worry about catching anything and passing it on to you!!Your husband's friend might want to try some of the sinus irrigation systems-like a NEDI POT(Looks like a teapot)or get a saline nosespray or anything along that line---will keep infections at bay HOPE THIS HELPS YOU!!!!

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