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    Premenopausal to Menopause Symptoms I need to know I'm scared
    Mswallyturnbuckle posted:
    Hi I need to know is it normal to have a period stop for 3 months from May until the beggining of August 2012 me having
    no menstral, and then all of a sudden it started on August 20th, and it looked like it was tapering off and there was a some brown spotting, and now here we are into September 3, and I had gotten my period again which it never really stopped from August 20th, and now I have it in full blast, and here I am me thinking it was over and it has never really stopped from August 20th, I am going to be 50 years of age this Feb and I am starting to get a little worried about this, is this all part of the Premenopausal, to Menopausal stages, should I be concernced and worried about this. I am also taking vitamins, I'm taking Centrum Silver 50+ because I heard while you are going through premenopause, or menopause, it is important that we take vitamins B,C,D,E and this vitamin has everything in it. I am very worried, and very scared. I hope someone can answer me and help me understand this better
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi there and welcome -

    It's no fun to be worried and scared! Have you made an appointment with your doctor to discuss your symptoms? If not, please do. You can ease your mind and get an appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

    You can learn more about menopause here: Menopause Health Center . After you visit your doctor, the WebMD Women's Health Community is another place where you can find information.

    shadowsmom42 responded:
    I'm chuckling a little, hope you don't mind.....I'm 48 and although I've had a hysterectomy (just a 'true' hysterectomy....I still have my ovaries), I'm starting to go through some of the perimenopausal fun stuff, too. Dryness, absolute NO interest in sex, and some hot flashes, ugh......Sounds like everything you're going through is completely normal but I would still suggest you see your OBGyn and get a complete workup. Try not to worry, though. I know that's easier said than done.......Good luck!!
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to shadowsmom42's response:

    Thanks for sharing! I'm glad you are able to chuckle

    feelT2 responded:
    I hope that by this time,you have consulted with your Family Physician,had the tests done & know,finally why this is happening to you! I completely feel your apprehension--your period suddenly stops,for 3 mths,then you experience what appears to be the tail end of a period(that you were unaware of..) and from august 20th on into Sept. ongoing signs of period till BAM!on the 3rd full flow is scary when you do not have a clue & are alone with this,,so,please consult your doctor and have him send you for blood tests to see if you are going into or are in menaupose.He probably will want to do a D&C which is quite normal-so do not fret,that just makes you feel worse.More than likely all will turn out well and please let us know the outcome so that we may know that you are well.

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