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Worth ER trip or not?
hottexgal4u posted:
I am a 39 yo female. History of Stage 3B NS Hodgkins Lymphoma at age 21 with 8 cycles of MOPP/ABV. I chose to skip radiation. Since then I have had cervical cancer resulting in a partial hysterectomy (kept ovaries due to clotting problems that started during chemo for HL) and vulvular cancer (resulting in partial radical vulvectomy, both in 2007 and then bilateral breast cancer in 2009 with bilateral mastectomy. Since I have developed rather bad and uncontrollably high BP, had a mild stroke and several TIA's and discovered due to clotting and a PFO, had multiple new clots formed but collaterals have kept blood moving. All clots in right chest/neck area. Numerous deverloped during HL treatment and all but 2 removed. Could not get subclavian and jugular clots to break up and opted to leave alone. Never responded to coumadin and took lovenox when I could afford it or docs had samples to give but haven't had in 3 months or more due to high cost and long term need. I haven't had insurance in years because of pre-existing problems. Now I have developed a rather large (size of a baseball) mass on my rib cage a couple of inches below my left breast. It is hard as bone, sticks out pretty good from lower rib area. Does not hurt, per se, but feel "pressure" in the area. I do have some off and on pain below the ribs just lower and closer to midline from mass. No insurance, no $$ for CT's or whatever might need to be done. Idea on severity of issue to take to an ER? Everything seen online suggest a bone cancer, but I dunno.
Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi there and welcome -

You have had some very serious health challenges! In light of your history, please address the new mass on your ribs ASAP.

Here is a list of resources you can explore to find treatment without insurance: Cancer Helpline

Please pick up the phone today!


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