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    Exposed to West Nile Virus: what next?
    Anon_64169 posted:
    Howdy guys!

    Went to an outdoor entertainment thing with some friends and ended up swatting some mosquito that was flying about.
    The following day, I had pain in my hips when I walked (lasted for 1 day), pain in my hands(lasted for two days), and generally flu-like. Started to feel better, but was still feeling relatively worn down after two weeks. After a night of trying to simultaneously convince myself that I both had, and didn't have West Nile that lead into a panic attack, I decided to visit my clinic the following day and get a blood test done to clear things up.

    Doc didn't think I had it, as most folks that came in was just worried and didn't have it. Sent me off to the lab to get my blood drawn and sent the blood off to the lab to get tested. Told me results would be back in 10 days, as they had to send it to another lab, as it was considered "exotic."

    10 days later, I call up the clinic, and the nurse informs me the test reports that I have been exposed to West Nile recently or in the past.
    First thought "Well uh.... great? Now that I know what....what do I do with that information?" Second and third: "Well, damn. I sure do make sure I collect anything Japanese." and "Wonder if I was the first at the clinic to get it, since the Doc hadn't seen any positive results. That'd be something, right?"

    Which is why I'm writing this post:

    Now that I have this information, what do I take away from it and what next? Should I return to the clinic and speak to a doctor about the results?
    Anon_64169 responded:
    Well, just as soon as I post this, the doctor from the clinic calls and gives more information on the situation.

    I was the first patient he's seen that had it. (wooo?) but from what his report says, I've also made it through it.

    but that question still remains, now what?
    feelT2 replied to Anon_64169's response:
    That was certainly confusing-did you ask him WHAT he meant by you have made it through it--Through what?? West Nile does not just go away,by itself!! It is not a cold or like a flu where you tough it out -get some rest-drink plenty of fluids...
    My understanding of it-it is best when diagnosed EARLY so that they can start you on the appropriate ANTIBIOTICS...etc...
    Maybe you should call him back and find out... well...the start...middle ... He has to do more,I would think-Find out exactly how up to date is he with the subject of WEST NILE VIRUS?
    Because HE certainly left you HANGING without any kind of parachute!!!!
    feelT2 replied to feelT2's response:
    I must apologize & hope that I did not cause any distress but went again to check with person who recently told me about their elderly father having contracted West Nile Virus & being given Antibiotics for it because he said it had been caught early!! This is my fault,as well,I should have checked further before coming in & putting my 2cents worth,on your page!!!Therefore,we are all very red faced about this!
    No,antibiotics were not given,finally!They,the family,had been told not to worry-that Antibiotics would be given to stop problem,in its tracks But it was a volunteer at the clinic,who was only trying to calm everyone down(because of bull eye pattern,on his back-that they had no idea how long it had been since the father(87yrs) had been bitten! all had heard that it could be very serious and....
    Again,I apologize & hope I did not cause too much distress.Plus my remarks regarding rest.. were the proper way to go.
    Anon_64169 replied to feelT2's response:
    No worries!

    I got over all my distress from West Nile from the doctor calling me and letting me know that I built up an immunity to the virus, that's what he meant by "made it through".

    That said, the report said West Nile can still appear in blood tests for months afterwards, so that's why I'm a bit "Now what?"

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