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Vivid Dreams
poopahskoopah posted:
ok im embaressed and ashamed to admit it but lately i have been having dreams where i am the subconsious of a girl being raped. it freaks me out and am not really sure where to turn so i thought here would be a great start. they all start out where she (i) is with a group of friends and then it turns out to be a group of guys and well i dont want to go into great detail because it is hard to relive but she is raped repetedly until i cant stand the screaming anymore and wake up. at first i didnt want to tell my husband and then he realized i would wait way longer than him to go to bed and would wake up more frequently and asked me what was going on so i told him and all he said was okayyyyyyy! so he was no help. please im hoping someone can help me shed some light on why i am having these dreams
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hello and Welcome -

This certainly does sound frightening! We have a Sleep Disorders Community that may offer additional response. Also browse through the community to see other posts about vivid and scary dreams, you are not alone.

These resources may also be helpful in sorting out why you are experiencing this -

Dreams and Your Health - Video
What Do Your Dreams Say About You? - Quiz

Wishing you sweet dreams,

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