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Second Toe Amputation - Effects
professor1 posted:
I am considering having my second toe removed because of its uncontrolled crossover the great toe. I would very much like to read of the effects experienced after surgery of those who have had this procedure. How long and how intense was the post-operative discomfort? Did the great toe shift inward after removal of the second toe? What were the effects on walking and/or running. Other effects?
Thanks -- JR
Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
We have some information on on this condition here: Hammer,Claw,and Mallet Toes

Generally, surgery is used only for severe toe deformities. Surgery may not completely return your toes to their normal positions, and toe joint problems may return after the surgery.

Have you tried all of the non-surgery options outlined in the article above?

lhhicks responded:
I've had a second toe amputation for very much the same reason you mention above. The now-amputated toe had already undergone two unsuccessful hammertoe corrections and I hoped amputation would work. Post-op problems were minimal, healed in about six weeks. However, one year later, I have indeed had the great toe shift inward creating a bunion in a joint I didn't even know I had, and now the third toe has become a hammertoe and is trying to crossover my big toe. It's such a mess. I believe some of my difficulties could have been prevented had I been fitted with a prosthetic toe. I now have rigged up my own prosthetic devices with the aid of several foot catalog products; without them, my gait is indeed affected, my balance off. Would be interested in hearing if you went ahead with amputation and how it worked for you. LH

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