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A question I need answered
missem posted:
So I am 20 years old to start and a month ago I got drunk and had sex with the boyfriend on the last day of my period. the issue is I am not sure if i took my tampon out. I checked the next mourning in a bit of a panic but I am not very familiar with my inside.

When I lube my hand up I can reach just pass a small hardish flap of skin wish an opening at the bottom and still i fill nothing. Also I had a ob gyn visit a week ago.

So Here what I am asking is One what is that flap of skin and could the tampon have gone past it? (me and the bf use sex toys that are a little big in size so please don't judge) Could my doctor have missed a tampon when she did my pap smear I had been to ashamed to say anything, she was not the best doctor and rather then making me comfortable during my first pelvic she lectured me for 5 minutes on the fact i have a smoke once or twice a month. But she did do the full exam.

Also I have had no symptoms, no pain no fever. Though i did have a discharge for a week after but i did use a lube to reach up there and I sometimes have a bad reaction to lubes.

I don't have anyone I trust to ask about this so please a little help.
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Missem -

I am sorry to hear this has been concerning you. I wanted to pass along these resources to help understand your anatomy.

Your Guide to the Female Reproductive System
Human Anatomy - The Vagina
Oh No, Where Did It Go? When Things Get "Lost" in the Vagina

We also have a great Women's Health Community for any other health concerns you may have.

Hope this is helpful and please let us know if you have additional questions.

Take Care,

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