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Gallbladder removal /possible hernia
crazytrain69 posted:
3 months ago I had my Gallbladder removed and just this week I have been getting a pain just under the incision site under my belly button. I was wondering if this could be the start of a Hernia. The Pain is very light and I would rate it at a 1 on a scale of 1 to 10. 10 being the worst. I can feel it when I put pressure on the site, stand up, Lay down and just moving around some times. It's not bad and it doesn't slow me down at all. Guess I'm just a little concerned.
Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi crazytrain69 and welcome.

Pain - mild or severe - can be an indication of many health issues and being concerned is no fun! I strongly encourage you to to make an appointment with a medical professional.

Here is a link with basic hernia information: Understanding Hernia Basics.

However, a diagnosis can't be made over the internet and you need to check in with your doctor ASAP.

Best to you -

Emitot responded:
didnt think a gall bladder was taken out thro an incision below the umbilicus emitot
shadowsmom42 responded:
Yep, I had mine removed, too, and ended up with a 'central hernia', one just below the belly button, LOL. It doesn't cause me pain, though, and it's a small one, coming through one of the incisions that was made during the procedure. It was done Laprascopically and I'm guessing yours was, too. I do hold my finger on it whenever I have to beardown for anything (don't think I have to say more on that one, lol) but since it's so small, I'm not having surgery to repair it at this time. Doctor doesn't think it's necessary yet, either.
Anyhow, definately mention it to the doctor and get checked out. Shouldn't be experiencing pain......Hope this helps a little bit. Take care..

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