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Swollen lip
Ghost59 posted:
Ive had a small area on my lower left part of my lip that has been swollen for the past 4 months and nothing has seemed to change. It seems to go down a little in the morning but right back to normal in a couple of minutes. With the swelling it feels tingly and goes away when I don't think about it but the size doesn't. Ive taken ibuprofen, aspirin, and benedryl and those haven't done anything. There is nothing actually on the surface of it. I have never, to my knowledge, had a cold sore and this hasn't done anything besides just be bigger than the other side of my mouth. Its the middle part of the left half of my lower lip and beyond 4 months ago, I don't remember it being that way. I would like to know if this is some kind of herpes but from what Ive read it doesn't seem like it. A doctor told me I had a partial palsy because I would get tingling/shooting nerve feelings in my chin on the left side and I've even felt it into the back part of my jaw by my ear. the only issue with that is that is nerve related and nerves don't make parts of the body inflamed.It also doesn't feel any different when I bite it or put pressure on it than any other part of my lip. There hash't been any physical pain either and abreva didn't do anything but make it numb. Any help on this would be much appreciated and I can give more information if needed.
Chris_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Ghost59 and welcome,

There is just no way to guess on this. I am not a professional. I do know you need to follow up with your doctor on this. The only way to know for sure about herpes it through a blood test.

Make an appointment and talk to the doc, share your symptoms and concerns.
Good Luck and Good health,
WebMD Community Staff

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