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    We dont have sex anymore !
    waco2hot33 posted:
    Me and my girlfriend been together for a year 1/2 now but we've known each other for over 20 years..when we got together back in april of 2011 the sex was wonderful i was living with a roommate and she use to come over,we had sex like frequently for like 4 months. Then we deciced to move together and all of a sudden her need to have sex stop like she had a set of brakes on it.I started to think it was me ,maybe she didnt love me at all or maybe just didnt have that sexual craving for me ,like she wasnt sexually pleased by me ,so i asked her was that it she replied no its not you she sweared to me that it wanst,but i believe she truly loves me,but just doesnt desire for me sexually,yes she was on birth control so i thought that was the problem for 1 year now shes not on the pill anymore ,we just recently bought a house so i thought the stress of that was the problem but now it seems that she will do anything to not be in a situation where we are alone anymore i work at night so in the morning her kids are at school but she makes sure she has something to do every morning or maybe she even sleeps and if i touch her she replies "im so tired not now " she will even go as far as to do things that i find unattractive to turn me off, lay in the bed and snore real loud ,even pass gas horribly,belch like a lumberjack, dont take a bath after work, keep her self looking a hot mess...she is know way like this i really think this all her way of saying i just dont want to have sex with you anymore,..please help me with some advice !!!
    redheadbedlam responded:
    I'm sure it's easier talking to us about this but the person you need to talk to is your wife. It will be uncomfortable and difficult but neither of you can continue living like this. Remember, she was a friend to your friend about what's going on otherwise you are going to make yourself crazy!

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