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West Nile & Sexual Activity
An_249094 posted:
Hello, I know this sounds really cliche but I swear this question is not for me ha ha...My friend has been infected with the West Nile Virus and it has affected her speech some what and her balance. She is too embarrased to ask her doctor but can she be sexually active while shes in recovery. She is nervous because it effects the brain and wasnt sure. I know she should probably ask her doctor. Thank you!
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:

Click on the following link for the basic information about how to handle West Nile Virus. It sounds like your friend has a mild case but, either way, she should ask her doctor her question about sex. Only her doctor knows how she's doing and can advise accordingly.

West Nile Virus Home Treatment
mike4356 replied to Caprice_WebMD_Staff's response:
thanks for the reply. i do believe it is more than mild. not life threatening but she cant drive has hard time walking and speaking and shes been like this for several months if not more. I will tell her she needs to ask her doctor. thanks again!
Taaron12 replied to mike4356's response:

I was exposed to West Nile over the summer, a 'mild' case, too. so I know even when it's a 'mild''s still pretty darn mean.
(I've haven't noticed vocal speech changes, but I do have problems finding words and have been making a lot of typographical errors. Have noticed muscle changes, too.)

I'm in the camp of recommending her having the talk with the doctor, but from personal experience,

Sex might be something a bit tricky early on, post exposure.. I tried to get intimate with my long distance partner a day or two after getting my West Nile test results back.

Didn't get too far, as I ended up feeling really sick, weak and light headed at the start. Like I was gonna keel over, ended up making a trip to the ER. (Not quite how I wanted to spend an intimate night. Luckily, I found out that night how much a supportive and caring partner I had, as she kept in touch by sending messages on my phone.)

Now a days, sometimes we succeed, sometimes I end up running out of energy. (which is quite easy to do after WNV exposure, though.)

Hope your friend's recovery goes as well as she'd like!
An_249094 replied to Taaron12's response:
Wow. Thanks for response. Hope you are doing well...How long has it been since you got the virus and how far along is your recovery?

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