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ineedbetterhealth posted:
Over the past couple months my wife and I have been getting bitten by insects that typically only bite us when we are sleeping in our bed and/or resting on the couch. What's so weird is that we can't see what it is that's biting us, AND IT ONLY BITES US ON THE BUTT!

We've had a pest control guy come out and inspect our place and he said that we don't have bedbugs. Oddly enough, my wife happened to catch a tiny little bug on our bed and showed it to the pest control guy and he said that it was a larvae of a black carpet beetle. So we ended up steaming all of our carpets and even spraying insecticide along the base boards and posts of our beds. We also washed and dried all of our clothing. This seems to have done the trick, because we hadn't been bitten for a couple weeks.

Now I've been bitten twice (on the butt) and so has my wife.

What has me perplexed is that carpet beetles aren't known for being biting insects. Secondly, we have no real proof that it was the black carpet beetles that were biting us. We really have no idea what's biting our butts.

  • **If anyone has the slightest clue as to what it could be I would be appreciative of your suggestions.*** (We've already ruled out bedbugs, and so has the pest contol guy).
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    Annie_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi there,

    Do you have pets? Do they sleep on your bed? Is it possible that you have a flea infestation? Fleas generally live on a pet and their larvae will get into carpets and hatch and fleas do bite and if a dog or cat isn't available they will bite people.

    - Annie
    ladarrinj responded:
    Well I have to take this a step further! I noticed that fleas were only attacking my butt then as I was walking I felt one crawl into my butt. I have been to the emergency room, had several bowel movements and yet they are still there. I've been trying to get them out in every way possible. Can you tell me what I should do? The ER doctor said that they can't live in that kind of environment and that their was nothing that they could do about the situation, but I can tell you that they are dwelling with no problem and irritating the life out of me!


    Annie_WebMD_Staff responded:
    If you have bedbugs or fleas you may have to have a fumigation by a pest control place more than once. Do you have pets? I can't tell from your last post if you did or not. If you are living in a place that had pets or pet visitors you could also unwittingly have a flea infestation as well.

    - Annie
    sanysut responded:
    I can't believe that the some thing is happening to me. We have sent insects off to the university twice and there were different types of beetles and both times were carpet beetle larvae. Well I never heard of these and it was a while before I looked them up.

    We had built a new house and moved in Dec 07. I had not lived here long when I had some furniture that was full of powder post beetles. I had to burn these and then when I would see some place that I thought was being damaged by a wood boring insect I never had one identified. So after having over 15 different pesticide companies and now the damage it obvious and there are only a couple of places that fumigate with a quote from one of 7500-10k I am very worried.

    In the mean time last summer I had been outside and had what felt like chiggers and I took a shower and when I put on my underwear I felt something bite me. I had some bumps come up immediately. There was not anything I could see in my underwear. My husband looked at these as soon as I got bit. After a month they were still there. They didn't itch except when I first got bitten. It was for ever before they healed up. Now with all the insect problems we have these carpet beetle larvae keep showing up. I got out our winter clothes that had been in rubber totes with lids and I found holes in clothes that were almost new,and some things that looked like a small insect attached to a peel ball of threads. I have read more about these critters and been cleaning inside the house and they are everywhere. I have been steaming my bed because anything with these makes me feel like I have something crawling on me or a feeling like you get when insulation has gotten on your clothing. I have spent hours cleaning my bedroom and will take a very small brush and run under the baseboard with a spray cleaner and there will be all kinds of these roll out. I have so much damage inside the house that I never would have known about from these. If you look them up they eat leather (even my shoes have been damaged under the soles, and some house shoes with a shear ling inside are full of these). After I kept reading about them, my light just didn't go off at the time but it takes something like 120 degrees for 30 min to kill them. I have these in all the clothes I have looked at. They seem to attach to hair and some will be very small and others are large enough to see and they have small bristle looking things. One pesticide company brought a small micscrope and the man looked at them and you could see things that the naked eye couldn't. So I bought one and also a jewlery magnifiing glass. So all this time when I saw things that looked like a dust bunny or a peel ball in clothes were carpet beetle larvea. I can't put any clothes on or go to bed unless these have been steamed and now I have found that these things will still get infested after I hang them up. I put some clothes inside plastic garbage bags to store and they have made holes and gotten inside them. Every piece of luggage I have there are these balls with a hair attached and I am at my witts end. These things are inside our socks and we find them under our skin in our feet. I feel like these are almost as bad as having bed bugs. I have two steamers and one is for the floor, I can steam the hardwood floors and these will slowly come out of the cracks and then they are googey. Our upholstery furniture will start to feel like something is crawling on you so I take this floor steamer and put on the cushons and that helps for a few days. I think these are a understatement when you hear about them. I have had them in my hair and will find them in my hair brush. When they were in my hair was after I have been down on my knees cleaning or under something. I have only seen a few of the adults but these others are all over and I have cried they are so bad. Sorry for being so long. Sandy
    Lilly232 responded:
    help! I have the same thing! WTF? I have had bedbugs twice and this doesn't seem like it at all. it started in my chair - which I fumigated, and now is in my bed. What the heck are they?
    thanks! How did you get rid of yours and did you find out what they were?
    Chris_WebMD_Staff replied to Lilly232's response:
    Hi Lilly,

    You might want to try this question on our Skin Problems & Treatments Community. This is a very old post you have responded to, and I think the Skin Treatment Community might be able to help you. If you don't find the answers there you need, you need to follow up with your doctor.
    I hope that helps!
    Good Luck and Good health, Chrissy WebMD Community Staff
    CirellaJoe responded:
    Before you could get rid of a flea bite, it's essential to grab the flea complication in order, or you will can have lots of flea bites to handle. You'll want to treat your own home plus your dog with the help of safe and sound flea killing solutions and products. If you're unclear which to apply, be sure to ask your veterinarian so they can suggest the best type or even sell a flea treatment solution you will have to put at the dog's back one per week.

    When you've addressed the particular flea difficulty and you visibly are watching the fleas falling your pet or not even moving, you have to wash your dog with the oat meal based products. Avoid the use of a flea shampoo because this really can tingle in case the flea bites have created blisters upon your pet dogs body.

    check this link

    In the event your dog is actually swarmed with fleas, as your shampoo your pet, if you notice that wash turning reddish, this can be a remaining blood which dried out after the fleas bit your dog. You may want to wash several of times, according to the degree.
    Sylvester_ responded:
    I'm having a similar problem. It started with one bite. Thought it was a mosquito at first. Then thought it might be a spider bite as it worsened. Then that one started to heal, but now five other "bites" have appeared! It could be fleas. We have cats who share our bed. But we have not noticed fleas. Another possibility to consider is boils or carbuncles. This problem has emerged during the hottest and most humid part of the summer. Assuming it is not fleas, bedbugs or other insects, then boils seems like a very real possibility. It is perhaps worth mentioning that my wife occasionally gets what may be boils, though she is not dealing with boils now. Boils are contagious so it is possible that I have caught them from her. I have also had a persistent skin irritation on my butt for a long time, which might be contributing to boils. We are washing our towels and washcloths, applying antibacterial ointment, watching for fleas, monitoring the situation, and hoping for the best. Ah, the joys of being human!
    feelT2 replied to Sylvester_'s response:
    1 sure way to put your mind at rest concerning whether your cats have fleas or not----buy a flea comb or 2!!!for short hair cat get cat fleacomb----longhair get dog fleacomb!!!easier to get thru long hair. Fill a clear plastic or glass container 3/4s full of water after squirting 2doses of dish detergent.No higher or fleas can jump out!!!!!!Put beside your cat and run comb thru hair-for each stroke--quickly dunk comb under soapy water--WATCH THE COMB AND REMOVE THE HAIR UNDER WATER.IF YOU SEE SMALL DARK SQUIRMING-----FLEA --SOAP WILL KILL. RESUME COMBING.JUST MAKE SURE TO KEEP DUNKING AND REMOVING HAIR BEFORE LIFTING COMB OUT OF WATER.ALSO,IF WATER TURNS REDDISH---IT'S DRIED BLOOD ON CAT-AFTER BITES.COMB AROUND EARS,HEAD,TAIL,UNDER ARMPITS.HOPE THIS HELPS YOU
    phreshprincess responded:
    They are called midges,no see ums and punkies and are too tiny for the eye to see and they love to bite bums with their scissor like jaws and they bite hard,they respond to nothing except hot chilli gel,which you can get on ebay or make your own with cayenne pepper and baby oil like me,but dont go made on either one,because you will know about it and the worse thing is they are still active in winter,i never had this problem in the first 10 yrs,i loved at my house,it esalated last year and its all down to people travelling back and forth and bringing them in the uk,it originated from africa hope this helps
    Tweeteebird2 replied to Sylvester_'s response:
    I'm replying to my own post with a different screen name. After a few weeks of bumps on my butt that did not seem to be going away, I went to the doctor. Doctor says I have Foliculitis, a common bacterial infection of the hair folicles. Often, it is associated with hot tub use, though that was not my situation. I also had a yeast infection. Doctor prescribed a cream for the yeast infection and an oral antibiotic for the Foliculitus. It's only been a few days, but I seem to be well on the way to recovery.
    kiwi1234 replied to Tweeteebird2's response:
    Thanks for your reply as I think your post makes the most sense to my problem - no irritation or itch with my bite like bumps and only on the bottom and back of thighs - I have even been wearing bike shorts to bed and insect repellent! But still they appear AND yes we got a spa pool a few months ago and I'm in it all the time - Thanks heaps! I'd been to the doctor and he wasn't sure but had mentioned this but I was sure it was some sort of insect.

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