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whats wrong with me
AJSGRL posted:
Hi guys!Its me Babgrl1. I had to change everything, don't really like the new boards. Anyway, I just had to get your opinions on some things. First of al my last post was tha I had taken a hpt and got a BFN! Then I had symptoms of AF. Well she came, at least I think she came, I had no clotting like usual. The (tmi)blood was red true enugh so i'm thinking ok my period. She was not supposed to come until that Monday and she came that Friday which changed my 28 day cycle to a 25? Go figure! Thing is I have been feeling so nauseas,tired, mean, and I go from an increase in appetite to not wanting anything at all to eat!! A lady came to my office and her perfume was so loud to me I almost threw up on her! I feel really crappy!!!

I have been having these like "movements" in my belly for the last two months. They come and go, I don't know what they are. I am chewing gum right now to keep from throwing up!!! I feel pregnant, I even have a faint dark line leading from my belly button to my pelvis, this was never there before! I have taken a pregnancy test once a month for the last two months and get the same thing. I have also had my period every 28 days except this month when she came 3 days early.

My friend seems to think I am preggers, she says she had full "period like" bleeding for the first four months of her pregnancy. She was overweight like 400lbs though. I am weigh 210lbs and I am 5'9". I don't know if my weight would be an issue or not? nyway, she says her bleeding lasted 5 days like her period and was not spotting but bleeding!! She did not find out she was preggers until her 2nd month when she went in for a routine visit! She thought she was having her period so she did not think she was preggers.

My question among other things is that if this is possible would I still be getting a BFN since I was bleeding? Could my levels be to low to show up? I admit I tested before my last period way to early, like a week!!
I need help! What should I do?Poll: Can you have bleeding like a period for 5 days and still be preggers? No clots just bleeding! I usually pass alot but this time none, just bleeding and only minor cramps, it hurt more before it started. huh?|help!|
susiemargaret responded:
hello, A --

you might get more responses if you repost this Q on the "gynecology exchange," .

-- susie margaret

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