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7 month old can't keep cereals down
LibraryChick05 posted:
My 7 month old gets sick every time I give her Gerber rice or oatmeal cereals. Two hours after eating the rice or oatmeal, she will begin vomiting and continue until her stomach has emptied. I also tried plain Quaker oatmeal and the same thing happened.Has anyone had an experience like this? If so, what is the cause of it? I am very worried about her.
4Watermonkeys responded:
Is she eating any other solid foods, and what are you mixing the cereal with (i.e. water, milk, or formula)? From my experience, some kids just don't like the rice/oatmeal cereal - my twins refused to eat it, and when they did . . . well, you know. We tried other foods that contained the same ingredients such as those flavored puffs that come in a small canister (can't remember what company makes them, but they're basically flavored cheerio's that melt in the mouth) - they loved those and the puffs also served as a great transition to other solid foods due to the texture. You may want to check with your daughter's pediatrician to see if he/she'd recommend trying other food products with similar ingredients to see if it's a texture, taste, or sensitivity/allergy issue. Good luck!
LibraryChick05 replied to 4Watermonkeys's response:
I mixed the cereals in with her fruit. She is eating the simple ingredient fruits and vegetables just fine, but when I give her the Hawaiian Delight baby food which contains rice flour, about 2 hours later, she throws it all up.I am concerned that it could be an intolerance or allergy to grains. Maybe I am just getting ahead of myself and this is something she will outgrow. I sure hope so!
susiemargaret responded:
hello, LC --

in addition to the responses here, you may get more responses if you repost this Q on the "parenting exchange," .

one other suggestion -- if you go to the alphabetical-categories-of-exchanges page, , and click on "P," you will see the "parenting" category, where many other parenting-related exchanges are listed. several of these include topics of interest to the parents of seven-month-old babies (there are so many that i thought a list here might be too overwhelming!).

-- susie margaret

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