Hernia? Hopefully just a muscle tear or strain?
benkc posted:
Hello. So this is kind of an embarassing injury but its starting to worry me and I don't have insurance so I would like to save the money on a doctor visit if it sounds like this might go away on its own.
I bent my penis fairly handily during sex about a week and a half ago. The pain at the area where it bent went away within about two days, but then was replaced with a dull ache deeper inside my groin that has not gone away. Some days it is worse than others, and I find that it sort of radiates to different areas like down my leg or toward my back. I am resting in regard to sexual activity.
I'm just wondering if its possible that I've bruised something or torn or strained a muscle? Thanks!
susiemargaret responded:
hello, B --

you may get more responses if you repost this on the "sexual conditions and STDs exchange," http://exchanges.webmd.com/sexual-conditions-and-stds-exchange .

-- susie margaret