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'vaginal dryness
nanakiss3 posted:
Intercourse is extremely painful, it is hard to even have my husband enter. I do use surgillube which helps, however, afterwards I have tissue bleeding around the area. It's light and only when I wipe. Is there anything I can put on this to help the tissue heal or become less irritated after intercourse.
tuti53 responded:
HI! I had the same problem but NO more. I went to my Dr. and they did a hormone test to see if I was in menopause. I was and there are lot of things they can give you. Hormones effect so much with vaginal dryness, ect.
Please go talk to your Dr. and get checked out. There is releif and you can get your wonderful sex life back....I did!
susiemargaret responded:
hello, N --

you might get additional responses if you repost this Q on either or both of --

-- the "sexual conditions and STDs exchange," , and

-- the "sex and relationships exchange," .

-- susie margaret

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