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Personality Disorder?
Tonya14Stewart posted:
My daughter lives her life as if she's of Mexican descent. She calls herself Amya, she's learning to speak Spanish, she only has Mexican friends and only "dates" (she's 13) Mexican boys. Now, some of my best friends in life have been of Mexican descent, but this seems abnormal to me. Any ideas on what this could be? BTW: she's been diagnosed with ADD and a defiant disorder.
Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
The doctor who treats her for her ADD and defiant disorder is best to evaluate whether this out of the norm.

It could be that she is just trying on different identities to find her own-like some girls go preppy, goth or all unicorn and rainbows at that age.

My 20 yo called herself a series of things for that 12-14 year old period. None stuck. I tried to get my friends to give me a nickname in middle school. It wasn't a personality disorder any more than wearing crocs indicates a orthopedic disorder. It just is middle school girls being middle school girls. At least learning Spanish is a useful life skill. :-)

All that said-check with your child's doctor since she already has a history of mental health concerns.
susiemargaret responded:
hello, tonya --

you might also want to repost this Q on the "ADD and ADHD exchange," .

-- susie margaret

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