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Childrem bathroom issues
An_226059 posted:
My six year old daughter has developed some upsetting issues in the bathroom.
She decided at age two she was done with diapers and has been on her own since, she never used pullups and has only had a couple of accidents.
About a month or so ago, I realized she was constipated. She would have a movement only once or twice a week.
She has now started having accidents in her pants and can't keep her hands out of her underwear. I'm having to help her wipe often, although there is never a stool in the toilet just a little something in her underwear. Today alone I think she was in the bathroom about 20 times and her poor bottom is raw, as are her hands from washing.
At my pharmacist's advice,yesterday, I started her on a powder laxative that dissolves in water. I'm wondering if I should do a suppostitory at this point.
I'm concerned for many reasons, and very worried something has happened to her that she's not telling me about, she started Kindergarten this year.
Any advice would be welcomed.
deerwatcher65 responded:
hi , my nephew started pooping his pants all the time after his mom and dad split up. it took almost a year before thease accidents mostly stoped. my sister was told it was from the stress. after that for a long time every time it was his dads weekend it would happen for the first copple of days when he got back, it did stop all togher. i also had a boy that i watched and when his parents split up he had the same problem. she was alos told it was stress, and it did stop. if u really are worried some thing has happend to your daughter it may be a verry good idea to take her to see someone. i do know thangs that can happen to people that can make it verry hard to poop afterwards. i know that when i was verry young a man was doing inappropate things to me and no one ever knew till a friend asked me 27yrs later. so if , and i really hope not, some thing has happend she may never tell!! i dont know if this has helped or not . deerwatcher65
susiemargaret responded:
hello, 6175 --

i am so sorry that your daughter has been having these problems, and of course, they are your problems as well. it is very possible that stress of some kind is responsible.

is it possible that something has been happening at school that is creating extra stress for her? perhaps someone is bullying her or she is having trouble getting along with other children or her teachers? it might be worth talking with her teachers to see if they are aware of anything along this line.

have you talked with her about whether someone might be touching her in her "private places" or whether someone has told her not to tell you about their "friendship"? as horrible as it is to think about, these are possibilities, unfortunately. when you talk with her about this, be sure to reassure her that you aren't and won't be angry, you just want to know how she has been feeling lately.

i also think that you should take her to the dr and have her checked out for any medical reason why she might be having bowel problems as well as for an examination of any physical indications of inappropriate contact by someone.

finally, you might want to repost this Q on the "parenting" exchange, .

please keep us posted on how you and your daughter are doing.

-- susie margaret

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