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Toddler Constipation problem
Liljen83 posted:
Hi I am really frustrated and don't really know where to go so if anyone can help or give me a tip I would really appreciate it. I have a 20 month old little girl who has been having diarrhea for 9 months now. We have been seeing a doctor since a month after it started happening. Test after test has come back negative; we finally saw a peds G.I. and figured out that she has chronic constipation. My problem is now she has been on laxatives for 3 months and she is still not getting better. A she still act like her stomach is in serious pain and she is having major diariah. I am so so tired of having my baby be sick and feeling helpless. I am also starting to worry that it is something bigger than constipation because it has been so long. If anyone has been through this or has any in site I would love to hear from you.
fibroinsd responded:
I am not an expert...and I had babies way too long ago...but has the doctor talked about what you should or should not be feeding her?

Have you talked at all to the doc about gluten? Is she allergic to anything?

I know that isn't much help, but I do remember being surprised at some of the foods like bananas ( I think...still not sure) that could cause constipation.

susiemargaret responded:
hello, L --

you might get additional responses if you repost this on one or all of the following exchanges (if you have not done so already) --

-- "parenting," ,

-- "18 mos to 2 yrs," ,

-- "friends talking," .

-- susie margaret

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