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depressed_one posted:
We have been directed to post about problems with survey popups : "The pop up surveys-if you can send the URL in, what page you are on when you get the survey, and the browser you use and version to helps. Also note if you see particular ads on the page when that happens too. It also helps to post these problems on the Tech Help board: . Misbehaving surveys irritate us as much as you-really. But we need to know as much as we can so the line of code can be fixed. You should be able to say no thanks and never see the survey again UNLESS you clear your cache/cookies at the end of each day. (But, I know that there is one survey misbehaving but unfortunately because of the fact that I usually have 15-20 tabs opened at one time-I can't determine what triggers it)" I am asking how many of you have clicked " b NO THANKS" and still gotten the survey again????? I hadn't had this happen for awhile but it did happen twice tonight.
Pam_WebMD_Staff responded:
Could you let me know what message board (or page) you were on when this happened? Type 2 Diabetes?If it happens again, the URL(s) of the survey popup(s) would be very helpful to have, so the ads team can troubleshoot the issue. Thanks, Pam_WebMD
Pam_WebMD_Staff responded:
I've reported the issue with surveys (presumably on the Diabetes message board) to our ads team. In turn, they have brought up the issue with the survey providers. At this point, the problem *should* be alleviated, but if it persists, please post back to me here on this board. Also, if the problem persists, please note if you can the URL of the survey/pop-up. Thanks,

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