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Updates Based on YOUR Feedback!
Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
Hello WebMD Members!

We are thrilled to share with you some changes that have been made to WebMD Health Exchange due to some of the wonderful feedback you all have given us.

First of all, you?ll notice that we?ve changed the top of the What?s Happening Now page so that See All Discussions, Tips, and Resources are right at your fingertips. These links will take you to our index pages, which read much more like our old message boards. We?ve also made our posting button at the top larger, and it drops down so you can choose which type of content you want to post.

You?ll also notice that we?ve added some more spacing to the posts themselves, making them less bunched up and easier to read.

AND, we?ve increased the posts per page from 15 to 30.

Along with that, you?ll see that now when you respond to another member?s post, it will say Member_1 replied to Member_2?s response. If you click on the word ?response? you?ll be taken back to the original post you responded to so that you can continue reading the thread from there.

When we launched, the option to add a member story on the WebMD Moderated Exchanges was left off. That has been added back in, and you can begin crafting your stories now!

You should also begin to notice that it isn?t taking quite as long for your messages to show up. The problem has not gone away completely. Our tech folks are still working on a final fix. However, you should only have to wait 60 seconds or less to see your post appear on the What?s Happening Now feed. If you?re posting from the See All Discussions or any other index page, your post should show up immediately.

We also fixed a defect that was frustrating many of our members. After you joined an Exchange, created your member story, and then voted on a poll you would often be unjoined from the Exchange and your member story would disappear. This issue has been resolved, and you should now remain joined to the Exchange after voting on a poll.

We hope you enjoy these changes. You?ve given us some great feedback. We?re listening, and these are just the first of the fixes and additions to come. Our tech team is already working on several more changes based on your suggestions and comments.

Please keep writing to let us know what you like, what you don?t, and share your suggestions for the future.

Yours in Health,
The WebMD Health Exchange Staff
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Geradine4733 responded:
I can not find the message boards. This is very frustrating.
mirenda64 responded:
I have jsut read the article about 10 body rules for over 40. I agree with all of it. However, I tried to write down the things that I enjoy and could not think of one. I have raised 3 children and then spent the last 18 years raising 2 of my grandchildren and moving to a new city with my 2 daughters, one of whom has basically turned her back on me. Now that I have finished raising these grandchildren I find I am alone with no friends my age or interests that I have been able to develope. Can you suggest how I can get out and meet people of my age 50 withoug signing up for a singles club. I just want to be able to go to lunch or a show with other women my age (not in a dating way). My only friends are 400 miles away and I go back home once or twice a year. Can you suggest any way to get out there and start a social life?
Thank you
tweetbug replied to mirenda64's response:
Hi Mirenda64, I just read your post and allthough not in the same boat with the grandkids and all, as far as having friends to chat with or go to lunch with etc. I definitely understand. I have many malities which limit my going out time but all my old friends have their own lives. My two kids are out on there own and I'll be 50 in a few months. I am married going on 22 years this year but girls just need to talk to girls and have a girl day so I understand. I don't know what state you live in but I'll definitely say a prayer about it. I could use a friiend myself.
God Bless.
Annie_WebMD_Staff replied to Geradine4733's response:
Hi Geradine4733,

The old WebMD message boards were transformed into the new WebMD Exchanges almost three weeks ago.

To find the list of WebMD moderated exchanges as well as the member created exchanges please go to the main WebMD exchange page .

You can either look for an exchange by clicking on the letters of the alphabet or by looking at the list of exchanges by moderated exchange or member created exchange.

Please scroll up to the top of this page to click on the link:

to get there.

Let me know if you need further assistance.

- Annie
topgrammy replied to mirenda64's response:
I would suggest you get involved with a church that offers a variety of women's activities. Once you make friends, and remember you have to be one yourself.. your world will get bigger and you will soon be very active and feel like you are valuable and needed.

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