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Eye Fatigue While Driving
Go5KMom posted:
I stumbled upon something really unusual that has made it possible for me to drive safely and this seemed like a good place to share it with others as I have never seen anything like this written about ever before.

The problem I had was that I wasn't even tired, yet my eyes would get really sleepy almost as soon as it became my turn to drive and I couldn't do my share of the driving on trips. I had my eyes and all sorts of other things checked and there wasn't anything wrong; it may have been a function of middle age or perhaps lasic surgery. In any case, here is the 100% medication-free solution I discovered - I hope it will help others (and, of course, if it doesn't work and you still feel tired, DON'T DRIVE!):

I found that by putting the car on cruise control, then lifting one foot at a time ever so very, very slightly in the air (just 1/4" or so above the pedal), my eyes instantly came into focus. I would then hold my foot like that for a minute or however long it would be until I got sick of holding it up in the air (this has the side effect of being good exercise while driving). Most of the time, I didn't need to do it again immediately, but it worked as many times as I needed to do it. As long as I genuinely was not tired, it worked. If it didn't work, I took it as a sign that I did need (and took) a break.
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