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My 5 year old son is experiencing leg pain
Cyncity67 posted:
my son has been complaining about pain on his shin for quite some time... he doesn't cry or anything, but he'll tell me 2-3 times a week that hhis shin hurts. It only happens to be one of his legs though... should I be concerned about this? I'm not really sure on why this is happening, he eats great and is healthy. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! thanks.

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Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
Welcome Cyn and thanks for posting about your son. Lower Leg Pain has many possible causes in children. Charlie horses, growing pains, shin splints, arthritis, injuries and so forth, can all be the culprit.

Since it keeps coming back, I would encourage you to get it checked out. The pediatrician should have some answers for you and your little guy.

Best wishes to you both,


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