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shonabona posted:
Hi. I am a 25 year old female and a few days ago, I was diagnosed with PCOS. For 13 years I have had an irregular to almost nonexistent menstrual cycle. I was put on birth control @ the age of 12 with no explanation other then "my hormones will even themselves out over time." i stopped taking the pill @ 17(just because I was tired of the SEVERE headaches) and I started taking the DEPO shot immediately after. all through out my years on the Depo (5-6) I still didn't have a normal menstruation (ALMOST NEVER) I have been sexually active since I was 15 and I had always experienced PAIN in my abdomen and in my uterus and in my leg (like a pinched nerve) although my few partners were never above average in size. And still to this day I have this pain and it has become worst over the past year or so. I experience fatigue all day long. Hot flashes and mood swings, fluctuating weight (average weight is 199lbs but can drop or gain 8-10 lbs in only a few weeks); my BMI measures 31.1. I suffer from night sweats and heart palpitations. and this constant ITCHING of my skin no matter how many showers I take. My whole Life I have had this extremely coarse hair that will not take to relaxers or anything (very ANNOYING) and when ever I go to a Dr's appointment, I'm being told that my neck is to thick. Getting to the point...... does this seem like the characteristics of PCOS or is it something else all together? And Yes, I have had a recent pap (had multiple paps and they all come back normal) but have not had any blood work done. Also, for the past month or so, I have had this god awful pink - brown discharge that maybe they wanna call a period and just had my 1st vaginal ultrasound and they were trying to tell me that I should be getting a period in a few days,but the only time I ever experience RED is when I have intercourse and it HURTS. OR, MAYBE I'm CRAZY!!!!! I just need to tell someone with out them saying "thats NORMAL"

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