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Feeling funny
skay210 posted:
Hi all,

I guess I'd just like some opinions on what I have been experiencing lately, because it's freaking me out.

I'm 22 years old, maybe a little overweight, and trying to quit smoking -- on a typical day I used to smoke about 10 cigarettes, but have cut down quite a bit and now go some days without having any. My job is VERY stressful and involves working long hours and constantly feeling frustrated/challenged.

Anyway...lately I have been extremely nauseous every morning (I'm not pregnant). I never get sick to my stomach, but I just feel very bad. It usually wears off as the day goes on and my appetite hasn't really been hindered.

The thing that really scares me is, every once in awhile, I get chest pains. Not excruciating, but enough pain that I notice it. It happens once a day at minimum. The pain switches sides, sometimes on my left and sometimes on my right, and can last from anywhere around 60 seconds, to 30 minutes, before going away. Also every once in awhile, my heart will "stutter" skip a beat or so, and this causes me to have to take a deep breath. Otherwise, breathing seems fine.

Do you think this is all just due to stress/anxiety? Work really is causing me a lot of stress lately, but it seems that the chest pain happens even over the weekends during times when I am not thinking about work. I'm really scared something is seriously wrong...
thehuntersmommy007 responded:
hey hun, i def understand your symptoms...i would see if you can go see a may have an ulcer and/or ulcers.....thats what happened to me, and they removed three!!!!!!! Stress is a HUGE factor in almost all illness or disease (not counting cancer or diabetes) see if you can do that, and......take a much needed vaca!!!!!

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