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321ssimms posted:
I'm 26 and I have been having migraines since I was 14yrs of age. At that time I had insurance and the doc ruled out any serious problems. Up until a year ago I was only having one or two a year, and would only go to the hospital one time. Last year I had at least 12 total, seven of them I went to the hospital. Now this year I have developed a new type of migraine with different symptoms. My two main types are:1. around the eyes (cluster) they get so bad, I swear my eyes feel like they are popping out of my head. 2. Is in my neck going up behind my ears-the main thing with this one is I wake up with migraine. When I lay down they get worse. I'm having more and more trouble taking over the counter products they don't seem to help. I have tried heat, cold, appling preasure,no lights, no sound, muscle relaxers, over the counter meds. I tried prescription when I was first diagnosed but it didn't help. Nothing new to my knowledge is around. I don't have insurance so the E.R slaps a band-aide on and sends me home. I'm open to any addvice.
jp137 responded:
Have you tried aromatherapy or chiropractics?? is it related to your menstrual cycles or perhaps allergies to chocolate sulfates in meats?
321ssimms replied to jp137's response:
yes i have. about the food i'm on a diabetic diet-due to diadetes during pregnances. since i dont have insurence i do my best to keep from having any problems with that. i notice different triggers for each type i have. however once i get one of them in 24 hrs i believe it is setting the other off another. i will go about three days back and forth with these. one trigger is if my neck wont pop, another is laying down, stress. i believe my eyes have a lot to do with it too but the eye doctor i went to for a free check up thought i was crazy when i told him that my eyeballs hurt, not the bone around, but the acctual eye. i can go in to detail with that, if you think of some things that might give me relief with my eyes.
sorry for a late reply thank though.

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