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Reply: Please analyse and advice about my situation
I have decided to go on with the advice yu give.but one more thing. I have also noticed that my...More
Posted by lostwithoutanswers
Reply: Penis shrinkage at the age of 24? how is this even...
Hi So how's your health, that's an important part of a good sex life. How's your blood good clean blood give...More
Posted by nohard
Reply: Relationship and ED
Hi H, Sorry about your problem, But HBP drugs are well know for being erection killers, now pack on top of that...More
Posted by nohard
Reply: ejaculation
Hi Its a sign that your not having enough sexual intercourse, or masturbating enough, it will do that, I had it...More
Posted by nohard
Reply: Porngraphy How Much is too much
It is not too much if these activities do not influence your health or everyday life.
Posted by tabula12
Reply: erection problems getting me down..
You're problem as stated isn't from over masturbation. go find you an escort and remember as you say , you...More
Posted by An_261965
Reply: erectile dysfunction, numbness and irregular ejacu...
Thanks for that, I will keep attending appointments with the doctors, of course. The fact that so far none...More
Posted by An_264854
Reply: bloody discharge
Hi Ron, it could be just a small vein that's just split and letting some blood into you semen, as it not in your...More
Posted by nohard
Reply: Is this just fungi infection or skin cancer? (Plea...
Hi Its best you go see a dermatologist and seek advice there. Good Luck NOWHARDMore
Posted by nohard
Reply: Help with tiny vagina
Hi below is some links that may just help you with this problem, a loy depends on has she had sex before you?...More
Posted by nohard
Reply: rash- jock itch?? spread to anus...HELP!!
Have you tried using a penis health creme? These cremes are great for all sorts of penis skin issues, rashes...More
Posted by seanhh
Reply: Small white hard lumps on my scrotum
I looked in the top left and top dried and I do not see a camera anywhere
Posted by myownspace
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Jock Itch Problem!
Shoe4455, Here's what worked for me and started showing improvement after about four weeks. Stay clean,...More
Posted by unsavage
Reply: umm...
umm....just be honest and tell him. It obviously bothers you and will ultimately ruin your relationship...More
Posted by An_255018
How do I tell this guy I've been with that his dick is too small an he basically sucks in bed but I enjoy...More
Posted by krystal801
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Question: testicles not the same size
Hi Go see your doctor then if not a uro, and try and find out just why this happened. There must be more than...More
Posted by nohard
Reply: What is wrong with me?
Hello. Have you seen an allergist for testing? Allergies to anything can develop at any time in our lives....More
Posted by davedsel2
Concerning my diet
My most recent bloodtest revealed that I have high uric acid level (17.2) and my ALT level is 73 H and my AST...More
Posted by kurtl95
Reply: HELP!! My Penis and scrotum are completely numb
Hi Cant think why, look the body is a great healer if you just let it, try just giving you penis a break from...More
Posted by nohard
Includes Expert Content
Reply: swollen penis
Go to the doctor for sure. But if it is just some sort of skin irritation, you should use a penis health creme....More
Posted by seanhh
Reply: almost passed out roller coaster ride, what health...
hi this is alot to have to go thru, glad you are doing better and were able to get the medical info to address...More
Posted by rogersb
Reply: Testicle size are not same
Hi Your OK as men and not boys, we are all the same one bigger than the other and as you have seen if you look...More
Posted by nohard
Testicle size are not same
My testicels size are not same. my left testicel is big than the right plz tell me about this" because i have...More
Posted by An_263911
Includes Expert Content
Reply: 2nd opinion on Cremasteric Reflex Diagonosis?
I'm 49, 6 ft tall and weigh 215 pounds. I've never had much hang/dangle, but of late the testicles will not...More
Posted by An_263901
Reply: Pain in arms when exhaling!!
I have that right now , everytime I exhale my arm hurts like the blood vessels hurt ,exactly as you typed it
Posted by alexlive89
Reply: Staying hard during sex.
Hi Yes just keep of the sodas as your doing, keep away from alcohol, keep away from fast and junk foods there...More
Posted by nohard
Reply: Painful bump on inner thigh, please help!!
It could be a cyst or an ingrown hair, but we can't really tell over the internet.
Posted by Anon_134193
Reply: Large rash on both inner thighs.
Based on what you say about your symptoms, it sounds like jock itch. While you are using Lotrimin and Gold...More
Posted by Anon_134193
Reply: ed following a car accident
Hi As it was your back and neck, it could well be nerve damage, if its recently just give it time, if it was...More
Posted by nohard

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