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    Poll: RF / FF Car Seat
    mliz95_2 posted:
    Hi Everyone. I am wondering who is still rear facing their car seat. My LO is 19 months old and we are still rear facing. I am thinking about turning it around because I have a small car and it keeps getting harder and harder to get her in there without bumping her head, etc. My DD is pretty small for her age, so she is still pretty comfy RF, so that's why I'm not sure. What do you think? Who's still RF and how old is your LO?
    bravefan76 responded:
    We still RF and Colton is 15 months old. I whack his head almost every time I am getting him in, but he doesn't seem to mind!! LOL He seems comfortable enough. He doesn't cry in there. We have a Recaro and it sits up pretty high, so he waves to people as we are passing or sitting at stoplights. I plan on RF until two, but we will see. As he is getting taller, his legs are crunched, but I would rather have crunched legs for 20 minutes or so he is in there instead of a head and neck injury!!
    jlcohen78 responded:
    DD is almost 18 months old and still RF-ing. DS is 33 months old and we just switched him to FF-ing a few days ago. He technically can still ride RF-ing but getting him to sit in the seat properly was becoming a battle.

    Both of my DC are small. DD is just barely 20lbs with her clothes on. Go with what you are comfortable with. Just keep in mind that the new guidelines recommend 2 years old.
    simerlm responded:
    Aly is still rfing. She just hit 20 pounds, though. I'll probably leave her until she's closer to 2. Oh, she's 19 months now.
    mel07430 responded:
    We are FF. My DD is 18 months and 23 pounds.
    MontanaMama2009 responded:
    This may sound silly, but she RFs in one vehicle in a certain car seat, and FFs in another vehicle in a different car seat.

    She is FF in the one car seat because it's made funny and doesn't RF without tipping her head towards the back of the she's in some sort of carnival ride that's about to roll her forward.

    The Rfing carseat still gives her plenty of wiggle room and she seems not to mind. But she's 30 pounds, so it is getting to the point where she'll need to FF soon.
    mamatobe08 responded:
    DS is FF since about 13 months. He was like 26 pounds and 31.5(I think) inches, and there was about 1 inch from his head and the top of the seat, which is when you're supposed to turn them. I wanted to RF until at least 2, but he is so stinkin' tall!
    roni090909 responded:
    We are FF now. I think I switched Tyler around 15 months.
    ambern99 responded:
    DS is RF for now; he's 17 months. We'll probably switch him in a month or two to FF though.
    kms82082 responded:
    LO is 18 months and has been FF since about 14 months
    katieb426 responded:
    Lilly is 18 months and we just turned her to FF
    mtlmayhem responded:
    Its all about the safety critera... and your comfort level.

    DS1 is now 19 months old, and has been FF since he was just over a year old. We obviously waited until he met all the criteria before we turned him...

    I still knock his head sometimes to get him in the seat properly so I can attach the safety belt, but it is less of a battle now...
    ajs0924 responded:
    DS is 17 months and 24 lbs. We just switched him to FF in my car about a week ago but at about 16 months in DH's car because he was running out of room. I had mentioned to DS's doctor that I had read that they shoud stay RF as long as they could and she said it wasn't neccesary. Not sure if I really believe that but it's what she said.
    KCAimee replied to ajs0924's response:
    ajs0924...your pedi said it was not necessary? Does she not follow the AAP's recomendations? They are now recommending AT LEAST 2 yrs. So frustrating that pedis are not all getting that info out. It is each parents "best judgment" on whether to continue RF past 1 yr (at least for now..>I think these laws will change) but it is a cold hard fact that your child is 75% safer to RF than to FF. **stepping off my soapbox**

    Hayden is almost 21 mo and still RF. I had to buy her a new seat b/c she was too tall to RF in her old seat. Now she has plenty of room. I plan to keep her RF until at least the end of summer. She will be 27 months.
    KCAimee replied to KCAimee's response:
    Scratch that...your child is 5 times safer

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