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    Water floaties this year?
    mamatobe08 posted:
    I know my kid is bigger than most of yours--maybe even all LOL. He's 34 inches and 28 pounds at 18 months old. I have no idea what to use in the pool this summer.

    Last year we had this The package says up to 24 months, but it doesn't have a weight limit(and my kid weighs more than some 24 month olds lol), and it's pretty flimsy so I don't really think it will work.

    Then the other day at Target I saw something similar to this
    except the one I saw was more of a life jacket shape with arm floaties attached. I think it would be enough to hold him up, I just don't know that he will be able to hold his head up out of the water enough(but the floaties will help balance him upright, right?)

    LOL I don't know what to use. I know DS is very active so I don't think he will enjoy being strapped in and stuck in a floatie for very long. He LOVES the water though so I want to find something where I don't have to carry him the whole time but he can still have fun. Of course I will be right next to him the entire time.
    purplelizard73 responded:
    this is similiar to what i had for my 15yr old when she was little. it worked out great. she stayed afloat just fine without the arm floaties.
    jtksgirl responded:
    Ha, my kid is bigger than your kid, LOL!! Connor weighs 32lb and was 32.5 in at his 15 month appt. Can't wait for his 18 month. Let me know what works for you!
    roni090909 responded:
    I have the first link that you posted from last year. I am going to use it again. Last year Tyler loved it.

    BTW you LO is only a lb and 1 in bigger than Tyler
    mamatobe08 responded:
    LOL ok I'm glad my kid isn't the only big one! He's bigger than my cousin's daughter who is a year older. We'll probably head to the community pool soon here, it's so hot, I'm not sure if they opened yet or not though. I'll figure it out then I guess!

    Roni--Charlie liked it last year too but he also fussed after a while because he wanted to have freedom to move around--he seriously tried to take off from my arms a few times lol. I just feel like it won't be sturdy enough to hold him above water--maybe it will though. I guess we'll see what he likes and what works!
    pcm110631 responded:
    I have heard great things about the one below and will be getting it once my DS weighs a bit more but your DS should be fine now.|B0019BSYXE&CPNG=automotive&ref=tgt_adv_XSG10001
    mamatobe08 replied to pcm110631's response:
    I think that's the one I saw the other day lol, I couldn't find the link online! I'm glad you've heard good things!
    dawlfin2 replied to roni090909's response:
    I have it too and I will also be using it again this year. I love it and DS loves it too. My guy is a little peanut so I think it's the safest option for him.
    samsamcb responded:
    I'm sure your son has grown up now but for those that are still in need these 2 products work great! One is a baby spring float which is pretty basic but works very good.


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