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    I think I'll post over here now...
    Jackie03291 posted:
    Hopefully more people from the 1 year board will switch over too, enough drama and back to a board that is supportive and fun. (Hopefully!!) Ava will be 18 months in two weeks, so cloes enough for me!!
    jlcohen78 responded:
    I'm really struggling with this. I enjoy reading posts from a majority of the girls over there. But some of them are just so .... bleck! I'm hoping they'll disappear. The only time some of them pop up is when drama is around. I think I might take a break from over there for a while and post here too.
    Jackie03291 replied to jlcohen78's response:
    I definitely agree with you there Jamie. It has really gotten ridiculous and I am definitely done over there for awhile unless something catches my attention that hasn't become a huge heated debate. Anyways, welcome to both of us and lets just hope that the drama stays there, at least until we can jump up to the two year board!
    jlcohen78 replied to Jackie03291's response:
    When DS was around 18 months old, there seemed to be drama on the 1 year old board too so I ended up lurking and posting more on the 2 year board.

    Another thing that frustrates me is that none of the drama is about the actual parenting of our children. It's all about OT things like relationships with spouses and tv shows. Ok, I'm done with it now, lol!

    Welcome to us!! Hopefully some more people will join us! Michelle.....Roni..... !!!!
    chrisandjen0717 responded:
    I'm here too guys! I have a question though..since this is a member-created exchage are our posts still subject to deletion at the will of the Moderators?
    jlcohen78 replied to chrisandjen0717's response:
    Yay! I think they're still subject to deletion since it's technically still a public forum. Hopefully we won't have to find out though, lol!
    mamatobe08 replied to jlcohen78's response:
    I'm here! I would love to get everyone posting over here more. Charlie's almost 17 months, close enough!
    chrisandjen0717 replied to jlcohen78's response:
    No, I agree jlcohen, I was just thinking of how on other boards some posts get deleted and others are allowed to stay even though they are on the same topic and sometimes MORE aggressive. I didn't know if since this is not a WedMD created board if the opinions of the Mods still determine what stays and what goes. I am hoping this move solves the issues and we get get back to the supportive way we all like things.
    jlcohen78 replied to mamatobe08's response:
    YAY!!! Now where's Roni, lol?! Who else are we missing?
    chrisandjen0717 replied to jlcohen78's response:
    Yeah, and we need to get Kim too
    roni090909 replied to jlcohen78's response:
    I am here. I created the board and I have no deletion power, so i assume that it is the same as the other boards.

    I swear the mods are one of the drama queens.
    cduffy responded:
    I found you all now! I'm still going to check the other board out, too, but I just joined!
    KatieS83 replied to cduffy's response:
    i'm here too!
    chrisandjen0717 replied to roni090909's response:
    LOL Roni, Shhh....
    diamond7sparkles replied to KatieS83's response:
    Me too!

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