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    potty training/regression
    momtobegrunden posted:
    I've been potty training the two year old that I watch this week, and now my 21 month old is interested. He's showing lots of signs that he's ready. He's asking to sit on the potty, wanting to wear underwear, telling me when he's going, watching others when they go, etc. While I'm excited at the prospect of training him before my new baby comes in three months, I don't want to push him into it too early. I've just been casual about it so far. When he asks to sit, I let him. If we're just at home, and he wants to wear underwear, I let him. He has yet to actually go on the potty, but that's OK with me. It's still "his" idea and a novelty to sit on the potty.

    I would love to get serious about it, especially since I'm already training another one. I'll just get the mess over all at the same time! My fear is, I'm going to go through the trouble of training him and then he's going to regress when the new baby comes. I don't want to train him twice! I just keep thinking that it's not worth the effort right now if he's just going to go back to diapers. But then the fantasy of having only one baby in diapers flashes, and I'm ready to start again

    Has anyone gone through potty training right before a new baby? Did your LO regress to diapers or keep up with the potty? I'm looking for any advice or ideas!
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