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    OT: Family Vent
    ambern99 posted:
    I don't post often but you ladies are the only ones I can rant to about this. So here goes!

    Ugh, it's the first of a ten day visit and I'm already annoyed, which, sometimes isn't hard to do, lol. We have DH's brother, wife, two boys, and daughter staying with us so, of course, all the other family is here in the house too during the day and it's driving me nut here. We are all adults, most of us that it, here and should common respect and manners but noooo. They keep opening all the window coverings and letting in the HOT sun or turning on the lights and of course leaving them on. Really, how much light do you need to sit around a table to talk???? DH's sister and her older kids (14, 15, and 18) can't ever seem to wash their hands (w/out being told) before putting them on every food item laid out for lunch. She also never chips in anything to feed her family when we have gatherings. For once it would nice for her to ask if she could bring anything. Also, master bathrooms are master bathrooms for a reason. If the spare is being used WAIT your turn or ASK before trumping through OUR bedroom to use the OUR bathroom. AHHH!!! I think that it for now but I'm sure there will a lot more with another 9 days ahead.
    mamabrat05 responded:
    Wow sounds like you have your hands full! I dont think i could last another 9 days! Kids that are 14, 15 and 18 should not have to be told to wash their hands! Also she should be helping you make food and stuff for everyone...especially her family! Good Luck and I hope it all gets better!
    Me(23) DH(23) DD(4)-47.4lbs 42 1/4in DS(18 months)-25.6lbs 31 1/4in born via emergency c-section.
    diamond7sparkles responded:
    Good luck to you! I'd be shooing people out the door! (Family or not!)
    Crystal (22) Caedance almost 2!, Madison EDD 10.25.10
    roni090909 responded:
    GL I hope the time flies for your sake. I would be completely annoyed too.
    Me (30) DH (37) DS born 10/20/08 New Little Girl due 11/11/10
    mamatobe08 responded:
    Wow I feel for you! That would drive me nuts! Fake an illness and tell them all to get lost!
    Michelle(24), DB Drew(26), DS Charlie 11/4/08, New Baby Boy EDD 12/1/10! My blog
    Juniorsmama responded:
    WOW! That is crazy. I would be extremely pissed over the not helping out with the food. It is not cheap to feed that many people let alone 3 teenagers! I would have to about my mouth about that. Good luck to you!
    katieb426 responded:
    Wow, Amber! You've got quite a lot on your plate! Hang in there. You can't really change family. DH's family behaves in the weirdest most irritating ways sometimes, so I totally understand.

    Wish we were just a little bit closer and I'd bring you some meals as soon as they all left!
    Katie, Randy, Ella (7), Owen (5), Connor (4), Lilly 22 months

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