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    How much whole milk...
    Anon_152474 posted:
    Hi, I have 19 month old twin boys who will go through a gallon of milk in about two to two and a half days. I worry it's too much of a good thing. I'm a first time mom by the way so am I worrying needlessly? They are healthy in every way, thank God. Their pediatrician said their weight is fine for their size because they've always been big boys. They were 7lb 12 oz and 6 lbs 2 oz which for twins is huge. Any comments would be appreciated!
    KSHoh responded:
    They should not drink more than 24oz of milk a day. Most doctors say no more than 16-20oz. My son loves milk also. In the morning I put 20 oz( 4 of those oz are a gerber sip, lower fat) and put in a container so he wont get any more than that per day. Too much milk can decrease their appetiate. Or if they are good eaters like my son can just be too many calories and added fat that he just does not need. I make sure my son gets plenty of water @ 15-20 oz of water every day. The milk cups he can have with his meals. Do not let them drag milk around with them all day in a sippy cup.
    momagain2011 replied to KSHoh's response:
    My son will be 20 months on the 18th of this month. I do give him the whole milk but I do not give him a lot. I gave both my girls a lot of milk and I feel they where getting to many calories and fat with eating to much too. I do give him a lot of water, he loves it. He will ask for that before milk. Also I do not give my kids juice. They drink crystal light or organic 100% fruit juice which I water down. But we are a organic/vegetarian family and we drink soy milk too. I have noticed the baby would rather drink that then the whole milk. I am worried he is not getting the good fat from the whole milk for his brain????

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