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    Hi Everyone
    MandyL1953 posted:
    I hope everyone eventually finds this. It is a beautiful day here today.

    My daughter and her two grandsons are here because they are getting a new bathroom. The bathroom was in aweful shape and I know that the are going to be excited to get it finished.

    Spring will soon be here. Yeah - It's been quite a winter.

    Take care all and have a great week.
    rustler66 responded:
    Hi Mandy! I'm so glad you started this. I'm not that good at computer related issues and didn't have a clue as to how to do it so thanks!

    We got 9 inches of snow yesterday so it's been more shoveling. I'm definitely ready for spring. How much did you get?

    Enjoy the weekend!

    phylwill1152 replied to rustler66's response:
    Good morning...this new format is going to take some getting used to. and the light color of the font isn't great either. We've been having sunny cold days here, but i agree its time for spring. have a good day..take care..phyllis
    MandyL1953 replied to phylwill1152's response:
    Hopefully we'll get used to it. I hope Linda makes it over. I paniced because of course I don't have anyone's email addresses. So I hoped that making it the same name would make it easy to find. I was really upset when I got the email that it wasn't being transferred over.

    But here it is. And you get to see my "beautiful" face now LOL.

    Lois I hope this is the end of the snow - but you never know.

    Take care.
    leo568 replied to MandyL1953's response:
    Hi Everyone!

    I was waiting until it got done and went looking for you! Glad you made it the same name....I found it right away! I'll have to check it out and see what's what now. At first glance it looks pretty organized.

    I and daughter went to zoo today. We even went in and pet the sting rays! They have a big pool they swim around and around in. We stick our hands in and they glide over/under it. Of course the barbs have been removed.

    Now we can continue our adventures! Mandy you are beautiful! I'll fix my pic soon.

    Chris_WebMD_Staff replied to phylwill1152's response:
    Hiya Phylwill,

    Don't forget you can post in the bold font to help you see a bit better, I need to make it bold, it's very light, and these concerns have been sent into WebMD.
    Hang in there with us.
    phylwill1152 replied to Chris_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Hey Mandy, i see that you are an administrator for the board, what are your duties? we have sunny not to cold day here. I'll be heading outside this afternoon. take care,,,phyllis
    MandyL1953 replied to MandyL1953's response:
    Hi Phyllis,
    You asked about administrator's duties. I hope it was just to set it up LOL. I' had to pick the design and color of the little flourish thing and do a brief write up. I really don't think there is anything else to do. Maybe I can do responses to all members. I don't think I hve the power or anything to delete inaapropriate things - I'm sure that is up to the WebMD folks themselves.
    phylwill1152 replied to MandyL1953's response:
    Hi Mandy...i ask this on anther post, but maybe you didn't see it. what happened to the edit feature? do you think the moderators could get it back? I don't like that i can't go back and correct mistakes. thanks..take care..phyllis
    MandyL1953 replied to phylwill1152's response:
    Hi Phyllis,
    I asked the WebMD help desk. There isn't an edit feature, however if you use a browser called Foxfire - you can have it do spell checking. Also there might be a way to get an add on for Internet Explorer that checks spelling.

    I'll experiment and see if I can get that to work.

    Other than that - it's the old fashioned method - read back over what you wrote and eyeball for spelling errors. LOL.

    I guess I do like it better, only because it's quicker. The old one seemed to take so many steps.
    phylwill1152 replied to MandyL1953's response:
    Mandy, thanks for checking. I can't say i like this new format better, but will get used to it. I've been on this board since it started about 5-6 years ago and its really slowed down over time. There used to be a big group of regular posters. Have a good weekend..take care...phyllis

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