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    diet debate
    jc3737 posted:
    OLEMAN1942 responded:
    my wife and daughter have tried every diet in the world none have worked. If they last weight it came back plus a little more.
    I have lost over 60 lbs just by watching the amount I eat and have not used low cal or low fat products.
    jc3737 replied to OLEMAN1942's response:
    Go to the diet debate board and ask the same question. JC
    jis4judy replied to OLEMAN1942's response:
    Hi Oleman
    Diets are temporary thats why they gained it all back life style changes that last a lifetime is the Key
    paying attention to nutrition and avoiding proccessed foods makes a huge difference along with eating less ...and moveing more.
    Hugs Judy:)
    OLEMAN1942 replied to jis4judy's response:
    I could not agree more
    off the couch and away from the table is relly what I was trying to say , you said it better than I did thanks

    mayolife replied to OLEMAN1942's response:
    I agree. That?s the only real way to lose weight over the long term. All the fad diets and programs out there are really deisgned to help you lose money, not weight! I have lost 50 pounds (actually, 52 and counting!) and kept it off 3 years by eating right and following a common sense way of eating , avoiding red meat, watching the starches and eating for one person not two. I still have some pounds to go but this is the best I have felt in years.
    OLEMAN1942 replied to mayolife's response:
    I did not cut done on the red meat only the fat content ( ie: 80% to 86% ) but then we are all different. and as you stated I really cut back on the amount ,one thing that helped was I started using a smaller plate that way it did not look empty , kind of a mind game and I started eating more raw veg's so I was never really hungry. to date I have lost 75 pounds. don't give up you did not put it on in one day so lose it the same way and it will be lost weight.


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