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    Good Day All Active Agers
    MandyL1953 posted:
    Hello all active agers. We would love to have you come and join with us.
    1. You can tell us as liitle or as much about yourslf,
    2. What things to do you like to do?
    3. Do you have a family, do you have grand or even great grand children?
    4. What part of the country to do you like in
    5. What do you like to cook or eat
    6. Have you found out that getting older doesn't mean what you though it would?
    These are just some interesting topics that we could explor together.

    For example I live in the Eastern part of US about 30 miles west of Washington, DC.

    I have a son and a daughter. My daughter is married and has two grandsons. 3 and 6.

    Her husband is the youth pastor at the church we attend.

    I still work full time in the field of fianance/accounting at Computer Sciences Corp. My Son, Fred, also works there with me. He is into computers.

    I was abot 40 pounds overweight in the winter. I have been going to weight watchers. Right now I have alsot abot 15 ponds. I need to start doing more exercise. I need to get motivated. I know that I will feel so much better and the weight will come off faster.

    I like to cook, however I am usually so tired when I come home from workf that I resort to left oversrs r eating ot.

    I love to look at beatiful yars full of flowers and shrubry and dream....But here I sit doing notthing. One very good think is that we live some new neighbors just moved in. Mind You I'm not jealous, just admire how they took a year that I though look oky and torie out bushes and trees.

    Once they were done, they had a beaufiflly manicurred laown. With a beatifl flower garden ot front with all kinds of flowers and greenert.

    So this girl needs encoragement. 1. I eant to keep the wekght coming off, I want to exercise more. I wnat to cook helathy and not be eating ot all the time. I want to get a cople of projects done in the yard that will "beatify: it.

    Thanks for all your good adivce. ps.s forgive the many many spelling errors that must be in this posting. I have not seeing too goo tonight.

    Lookin forward to meeting lots of new friends - women and men.

    leo568 responded:
    Hi, Sorry I haven't been on in a while. Working, sleeping, exercizing! I see I have lost 10 lbs since I started! I was out in yard today. It's nice and sunny. A beetle was drinking from the hummingbird feeder, a toad was behind plant pots, and lizards were underfoot! Then I saw about 7 cop cars across street, not sure why. I did see an old truck was stopped too. Time to put in some more laundry.

    On my way to get stakes and wire holders for tall plants also. I have a beautiful ti plant now. My grandson mowed for me last weekend. He didn't notice my wisteria I planted a few weeks ago and I didn't have it marked. He mowed it down! I found stem and put in water, maybe it'll root. I also see the main root is intact in ground so been watering it so it won't dry out. I know it looks like some of the weeds that grow big around here! the wisteria was about 2 feet tall.

    Have a good weekend, Linda

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