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    Have a good week
    leo568 posted:
    Hello Everyone,

    Hope you all had a happy safe 4th! I had a great time at a bbq. We had chicken, ribs, shrimp kabobs, crab legs and fixins. I made potato salad...and they wanted the rest for later....just like last time. They keep asking me to make potato salad..hmm.....! Well, as long as I get my bowl back I'll keep making it! Before we ate we were in the pool most of the time with our rum slushies. The dog jumped in with us.

    The days seem to be dryer.....more time to mow grass in between rain! Hey, I got accolades at work. I worked so well with my individual-found something to keep him busy and kept his interest. I gave he spelled words to me as I wrote them and he loved it! My manager went to tell his boss and he had to see it! I thought I was just doing my job and everyone was coming in to watch!! One of the behavior analysts came in and watched for a while. They told me what a good job I did and all I could think of was what's the big deal? But, usually this guy is getting out of the room and laying on the floor. I was exhausted when I got home!

    Have a good week ! Linda
    rustler66 responded:
    Hi Linda--So glad you got recognized at work! Good for you! Maybe you'll get a raise??

    Our 4th was very nice. We still have our grandson with us and we went to a friend's for a barbecue. Great food, especially the dessert--a S'Mores ice cream cake--very good!

    We're in a heat wave this week so this afternoon we'll go see "Karate Kid" and keep cool in the theater.

    Have a good week everyone!

    leo568 replied to rustler66's response:
    That cake sounds yummy! Was it from a bakery...ect...or is it in dairy case? Good idea to stay cool! Was the re-make as good as the first one?

    It was different at the arena football I went to Sat. nite.....but it was cool in there! I had that sameguy today at work....did pretty well but he was really sleepy from his meds so didn't do much. I'm waiting to see how someone else does with him and they wonder what they did wrong! One staff in particular was too worried about her individuals to even help me! Some are like that.
    rustler66 replied to leo568's response:
    Hi Linda--The cake was homemade (made by the gal whose house we were at). It looked like a lot of work--graham cracker crust, 2 kinds of ice cream, nuts, either fudge or chocoate syrup and miniature marshmallows on the top.

    The movie was very good--I really enjoyed it! Saturday I promised him I'd take him to see "Despicable Me" in 3D. Prices for the 3D movies are out of sight though! Even with my senior discount the "Toy Story 3" ticket was $12 and also $12 for Jacob. Popcorn and a drink for him then adds almost $10 more so it's not a cheap afternoon. He's having fun which is the main thing!

    Have a good week!


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