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    Does caffeine have same effect?
    nick_2109 posted:
    I am 26 years old and I've been diagnosed with ADD since I was in elementary school. I know that most medications that we take in order to help us calm down and/or focus are stimulants. So, I was wondering if drinking coffee or soda with caffeine has the same "energizing" effect on us or if it acts as medication and calms us down?
    teeny79 responded:
    I have heard a lot of people with adhd saying caffine is a good thing for them and actually helps them to focus. I drink tea all day every day and while it isn't a whole lot of caffine it still doesn't affect my sleeping habits but it also doesn't seem to have any magical effect on me either. I guess it just depends on the person. Coffee makes me jittery so i would safely assume that it doesn't work for me but it may work for you.
    ChristophorM responded:
    Caffeine helped me before I was prescribed Adderall. However, I had to take more and more of it to have any effect at all. My caffeine intake dropped off almost entirely when I started on Adderall.

    If I drink coffee or whatever without Adderall, there is no effect at all. I can drink it all day and never get jumpy nor does it clear my head the way it used too.

    If I drink coffee while I'm on Adderall, it makes my heart race and my hands shake. So I guess Adderall makes coffee work the way it works on normal people on me.

    I was told it can be bad because of blood pressure, but I still sneak a cup in during the day. My doc didn't like it, but he didn't tell me to stop either.

    Good luck.

    - Chris
    VidaMama responded:
    I have a nine-year old with ADHD who has a genetic condition that prevents any medicine absorbtion. She has half a cup of Frappacino with her breakfast and tells me it helps her concentrate through the morning. She even claims she does not need it on Thursday mornings because gym comes first and she does not need the extra help. (?)
    ariauna_x responded:
    I have not been diagnosed with adhd [yet> but my therapist thinks I have it, and I'm going to find out for sure soon [hopefully> But concerning this topic, I have not noticed caffeine affecting me in any way. It does not make me hyper, it does not calm me down, it just doesn't seem to do anything, really the only reason I drink caffeinated drinks is because I like the taste of them. This being like coffee, soda, etc. The only exception it overly caffeinated energy drinks, I tend to avoid them, because they make my heart race, and I don't like how that feels. If I have just one, I may notice a little energy, more focus something like that, but more than one and my body is in over drive. Not a good thing, it freaks me out.
    Munch1967 responded:
    While waiting for a diagnosis, I started my 14 y/o daughter on Mt Dew. Algebra grade went from an F to a C in 3 weeks. She won't touch coffee, so I'm now insisting on a Mt Dew everyday. Big improvement. Last week she got the official diagnosis--ADHD. We are treating w/Mt Dew and a high protein diet. And teaching her the skills to cope with the ADHD. No meds.
    stephaniemhack replied to Munch1967's response:
    I have to take Mt Dew for my ADD as well and I'm a middle aged woman who doesn't drink soda except for the mt dew therapy. I've tried every kind of med - cannot do coffee for the taste - and mt dew is the only thing that makes me feel "normal' and "present" and focused enough to do anything. otherwise, I will just go through my day never engaging in anything. it's as if I'm floating through existing rather than living and engaging. So I can see how this could have a good positive impact on your daughter's grades. My concern for myself is the weight gain but I am middle aged so I can't keep it off the way a teenager can. Wish they'd make a pill version of it with less sugar though.

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