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    Please Help - Generic Adderall XR is bad
    lindsaaayerin posted:
    I am so, so, so frustrated. Getting this medication has been such a battle for me. I struggle with ADHD and Adderall XR saved my life. I had to stop taking it for a couple of years because I stopped having health insurance. I finally just got health insurance again, finally got my medication again, but they gave me the generic this time.

    I am freaking out. This is my first day on it and I am a mess. I can feel my concrentration is better but my anxiety level has risen and I feel so depressed. Thank God I don't have to work today.

    Has anybody else had this reaction? I guess my only option is to go back to the doctor and get something else. I could ask for no substitutes with the Adderall, but I'm reading about how insurance companies have been refusing to allow it. I am just SO SAD. I was so happy to get my life back in line with this medication, my life has fallen apart because of the ADHD. I thought the battle was over, I had my medication, everything was going to be ok now, and it's not, I still have to deal with this. And I don't even know how to continue.

    I am feeling so alone. Can somebody please just respond to this with your thoughts? I know that I will NOT take this pill again. This feels horrible, at least I only have to deal with this horrible depression and anxiety for this one day. But I don't know what to do to get help with my ADHD and I feel horrible. Adderall XR is the answer, it fixes everything, but I don't know how to get it. My doctor is terrible and my insurance is terrible.

    And just for now, I feel horrible. I took the pill an hour ago and within half an hour of taking it, it just HIT me. I was hit with this HORRIBLE anxiety and depression. From a 0 to a 10 within minutes and it feels horrible. I have to deal with this feeling all day since it is XR?? I wish there was a way to get this pill out of me. I can't express how psychotically depressed I feel.
    Boyzmomee responded:
    I know. My son's doctor puts no substitution on his Adderall.

    I have a co-worker whose 9 year old son is Bi-Polar. He can't take generic Depakote either.
    anna_bugz responded:
    wow...I never really noticed when, but at some point I started getting the generic too- you're right, I have been having some of the problems you mention. it doesn't seem to work as well and it seems to not kick in until later in day, and then I'm hyper focused late at night and can't go to bed.
    lindsaaayerin replied to anna_bugz's response:
    Yesterday was horrible. If anything, the generic made my ADHD worse, on top of giving me depression and anxiety. I kept getting lost in the middle of my sentences when I spoke, I kept forgetting what I was trying to say. I felt so dumb. Then I could not sleep at all last night. I even tried taking benadryl (which always knocks me out) and it didn't do a thing.

    WHY do they make this terrible generic? If you google it, many, many people write about these problems. This drug should not be made.

    Today I didn't take it, and I was a new person. It was such a relief to not have that garbage in my system.
    lindsaaayerin replied to lindsaaayerin's response:
    I feel so let down by this medication. It was supposed to help me, and it made me severely worse. I'm so bummed out. They let me down.
    An_191143 responded:
    If you are unable to get the brand name Adderall, try asking your physician/psychiatrist if you can't switch over to an extremely similar drug - Dexedrine. The generic version of dexedrine (dextroamphetamine) is no different than the brand-name version.
    lindsaaayerin replied to An_191143's response:
    Anon_44724, thank you so much for the advice, I'll try that. Thanks so much.
    JeffMedStudent replied to lindsaaayerin's response:
    No problem at all. Sorry, I wasn't logged in under my screen name on here when I wrote that, that's why it showed Anon_44724. PLEASE keep me/us updated on how it works. ADD/ADHD is one clinical condition where there can be MAJOR success stories and they can be very empowering to hear!
    imnovanillawafer responded:

    I had the EXACT SAME REACTION TO GENERIC ADDERALL. I took IR amphetamine though. The only differentiating factors between brand and generic are the percentage of weakness and/or strength and the percentage of what other aiding ingredients. To make this example more understandable, its like Heinz ketchup. It is the best tasting ketchup and other companies have the main ingredients, but the other companies ketchup just isn't as good or just tastes different. Same thing with generic vs. brand.

    Some brand medicine may have that extra ingredient or agent that helps a person with ADHD better than that of a generic. This is NOT TRUE OF ALL ADHD MEDS FOR EVERYONE, however, this is the effect for some people. Talk to your doctor about getting brand or maybe try to ask him what other medications may work best for you. Feel free to e-mail me if you have anymore questions. Take care love, I know exactly how you feel, your not alone.

    harryhondo responded:
    Here's a reply that is short and sweet...the generic doesn't work like the real thing. I have my doctor write that brand name is necessary. Works great! I hope this helps you!
    zeeny123 replied to harryhondo's response:
    Hi can you recomend your doctor

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