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    Just diagnosed today...what did you do?
    tv2006 posted:
    My daughter is six years old and she was diagnosed today with ADHD. The doctor recommended adorrell and I am not so sure of the side effects. All of them worry me, but she is a picky eater, and this medication like many other reduce her hunger, she is thin already and I don't want her to lose so much weight. She has detention so many times since school started and her self-esteem is going down a lot. She talks so much, very impulsive, does things without thinking... I ask her why she does this and all she can tell me is "mommy I don't know, i just do it and I don't know why"
    She cries because she feels she is a bad kid and she apologizes. I need to help her, I want her to feel normal, I want her to not fight with her friends and to be accepted. I was never properly diagnosed but I realized as an adult that I also have adhd. I have come to learn to control it to an extend but I wish my parents had done something for me as a child to better my relationships with my loved ones while growing up and to have been able to do well in school. Watching my child is like watching myself in the mirror and I do not want my painful life to be hers. But the side effects of this meds do not sit well with me at all. I am torn...

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    • Give her the meds and begin the process of proper dose.
    • Get a second opinion and hold off on the meds.
    • Do behavioral therapy only.
    • Do both, meds and therapy.
    • Request a scan and blood testing.
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    Boyzmomee responded:
    My son has been on Adderall since age 6 with good results. He is now 14.

    IMO, to "help her" is to follow the advice of her physcian, who I hope is a specialist in the field of ADHD i.e. a developmental pediatrician or a child psychiatrist.
    Kimberly0221 responded:
    I can't imagine how difficult it is to go through this - watching your child hurting like this - I'm sure my mom went through this with me (she had to go on meds for depression and anxiety, only because of what I was going through).

    Anyways, I personally believe in medicine (the field), so I'm always for encouraging people to listen to their doctors. (and it's dangerous I think when people try to discourage others from listening to their physicians, without the proper medical knowledge).

    But just because a physician knows more than patients about a disease, doesn't mean that you are not entitled to a second (or even third) opinion... if you're able to get a quick appointment with someone else, then you can always start following the first doctor's advice (or not, up to you), while you wait for the second opinion.

    The benefit to this: we know that ADHD is over-diagnosed generally in those without it who may have other obstacles to their normal adjustment, and under-diagnosed in those with it who don't have the typical/ classic presentation. With a second opinion, you can be slightly more certain that your daughter is diagnosed appropriately. This will give you at least some peace of mind.

    Good luck!

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