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    How Do i Afford to deal with ADHD with no money?
    Chrisbett posted:
    I am currently a mess, I have no job, no insurance and can't afford a thing. I am currently in college fighting my way through with only 3.5 semesters left. other than medication is there another way i can feel normal or should i just give up and face the reality i will never be anything?
    momuv4girls responded:
    Most colleges have Physician services - have you looked into this? I would talk to your college counselor and see if they can help.

    You can be something, ADHD will not make, (and shouldn't) break you. It is an obstacle to work thru, but there is great cause for hope.

    Giving in isn't an option - - keep searching for help, talk to your school, talk to some family members and make a decision that you will make it work!

    You deserve to feel better and find answers - keep your chin up!

    Chrisbett replied to momuv4girls's response:
    thanks i guess i do have health insurance but it takes more than half the semester to get it due to student loans. I just don't feel there will be a change i have lived and felt this way as long as i can remember, i have had so many jobs and now i have even given up on that. i feel as though it don't make a difference, everything is ok the first couple of weeks and then i start to lose it there is always an excuse. My family don't want to deal with me and my mother is a nurse and doesn't believe in medication. I am on my own and i feel i cannot change things. My bills are beyond repair including child support. I just don't think i was meant to be in or around society.
    momuv4girls replied to Chrisbett's response:
    What about your local government? - they have a mental health dept. and depending on which state you reside in, there could be free medical care there.

    I would be happy to send along some resource links for you to explore if you write back with your State and County.

    There may be local support groups also. Finding others who have the same (but different) struggles can be healing and comforting.

    Check out this link for local chapters:

    You can feel better. Take care!!
    acarroll74 responded:
    You say you're a mess...what exactly is the root of the problem. It sounds like you have money problems becuase you are a struggling college student, not that you have some sort of disorder that requires medication.

    Try to break things down in small pieces and tackle them one at a time. First, you don't have a job. Ok. Is there anything physically holding you back? If not then take steps toward making this happen. Go to the school and talk to the counselor about helping you to find a job. They are really good at helping students. They certainly don't want you to drop out for lack of money or they won't get paid.

    Honey you are stressed out, that is for sure. Life is stressful. You have a lot on your plate at the moment and feel trapped. I was in your shoes, but with two small children, so I know it can feel overwhelming. Take some deep breaths and try to prioritize the things you need to change in order to get out of this funk your're in.

    Like I said take on small pieces at a time. Trying to magically fix everything at once never works. And trust me when I say, unless you have a severe problem, medication is not always the answer. Keep fighting and don't give up. You are strong and you can do this. There is always a way, all you have to do is look hard enough.
    Chrisbett replied to acarroll74's response:
    I don't have a jobs because i get very angry at work and i can't focus most of the time. I can't focus on anything anymore. I learned a complete chapter of a math book and new it inside out and just a few days later i forgot all of it. So now i am struggling to understand everything again. i put off homework till last minute or when i finally do homework it takes me atleast 30 to 40 mins to start and im asking myself why can't i just do it. then during the homework it seems i have to get up constantly to do other things. I don't know what it is i asked several times on here about how to beat without meds. I don't want meds. ive read everything i possibly could and tried everything nothing is working and this is why i feel like giving up. I just don't think i can do it anymore.
    Chrisbett replied to acarroll74's response:
    I might not have mentioned this before I am 31.
    Chrisbett replied to Chrisbett's response:
    tonight i am missing 2 classes because i do not have the homework to give in because i don't understand the work i have already learned. my mind is on several different thoughts right now and im exhausted from it my mind is going 100 mph and not stopping and this has been going on since i could remember but i feel as though through the years it has been worse is all. I have had jobs many of them but i feel if i run out to get another job i will just fail like all the rest.
    Rogzombie replied to Chrisbett's response:
    I think you have more than adhd, probably anxiety and depression which are often caused by adhd. I think you do need medicine to calm your nerves down and let you get perspective if nothing else.

    On another note, sometimes clinics will offer free or very low cost care to people who can't afford it.

    You sound like me, but when I get like this, in a panic, things only get worse. Try the meds or something else to calm yourself down, dont knock all the old cliques either, some of them work. At least temporarily and often its more relief than you think it will be.

    The fact that you know you have adhd is a start. There are ways of heading off the things that are taking you to task. You may be in a situation that you can't win. In that case you need to change the rules so they work for you.

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