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    How to determine if you should have your child tested
    An_248702 posted:
    For the most part my son is a normal 6 year old. However, he does have those times in school where he just cannot focus and is a distraction to the other children. At home he is usually good, but at times he gets distracted from the task that he's supposed to do, like changing his clothes - instead he plays. At most i say it's about 2 - 3 times a week I'll get a negative report for him at school from his teacher. At home, only on weekends I usually see him lose focus a few times where he either doesn't seem to listen, or forgets what he's supposed to do.
    I know it doesn't seem like a lot, but I do have a suspicion that he is ADD....i am very skeptical to have him go on meds if I have him diagnosed.....I don't want the disruptions to continue at school (causing the other children not to learn), but on the other hand, I feel like I'd be losing my child as well....he wouldn't be the same.
    I know other children who are on meds for ADD and it seems like "the spark" in the child's eye is gone".

    So I guess my question is, with the amount of time that he disrupts the other children, does it sound like he might have ADD? Is it worth having him tested? If so, will my son lose his "spark" of ambition that he currently has...

    Thank you for looking,
    missxmonroex responded:
    My son went to kindergarten at age five, and it was the hardest thing he ever experienced, he was interrupting others, he couldnt focus, but at the same time hes just a very ambitious and amazing child, with a great personality, this year he had to take kindergarten again, and I got him put on a very low dose of medicine for adhd, and I cant tell you how amazed I am. As part of the diagnosis and talk with the doctor I told her I didnt want him to be a zombie, I didnt want him to stop being the active and hilarious child he has always been.... within one month my son who couldnt even name his whole alphabet is now sounding out words and beginning to read. I think every situation is different for each child, but I cant tell you how thankful I am for this. He is still the awesome 6 year old boy he's always been but he can focus in school, he comes home and will read with me, and actually tell me what happened at school, before I dont think he even knew. I would say if you're worried, definately address it with a doctor, but make sure that you're very clear with them about your concerns if medication is an option. i wish the best to you, if you have any other questions...let me know, and I'll do my best to answer. But I am sooo thankful for I believe its called Focalin - hes only on 5mg's of the extended release and we started 5mg's after school and its been a HUGE change.
    jmh00 replied to missxmonroex's response:
    Thank you for your reply. In speaking with his teacher at school there has been a big improvement from the beginning of the school year she said. I'd rather see if I can find a "natural" alternative....something to help him i said earlier, it's not all the time......When he does apply himself, he does very well in school. He's at the top of his class in reading, math, and articulation. I'm looking for a way to help him learn how to focus on his own rather than medicating him......
    missxmonroex replied to jmh00's response:
    definately agree with you. if he can focus enough to do well in school even if its not all the time id say its safe to say hes just being his age and with maturity i really think you will seee him turning out just fine. my son couldnt even apply himself to basic tasks thats why the medicine has been such a help

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