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    How can you be sure of ADHD?
    HMMRA posted:
    Hi, I'm a first year in Pharmacy school, and let me tell you it wasn't easy getting in. Throughout my childhood I've had the attention span of a gold fish, but somehow I've managed to get decent grades throughout middle, junior high school, in high school I got into the IGCSE system, although things like chemistry, biology, math, and physics came somewhat easily to me, the same problems i had during my childhood happened, the short attention span, the day dreaming, the procrastination, the mood swings, not to mention the impatience and irritability I had when my parents or siblings talk to me (I still do but to a lesser extent). I even had to repeat a couple of subjects due to my "inadequacy", my parents believe it was due (partly, to be honest) fencing practice, it took up time. Then finally i got into college, I decided I would make a fresh start, and study at the beginning of the term, things were okay at first, but then my concentration dropped, I no longer had the ability to focus for five minutes in a lecture, and ended up with an average of C- in the first semester. Then one day while i was browsing through 9gag they had this comic about ADHD, then it hit me "What if i had ADHD all this time?" so I started looking up the symptoms and I found that most of them match my case (fidgeting, forgetfulness, mood swings, attention span, frustration, low self esteem, etc.,) i was always flustered that, even though i'm smart enough to get into a high school system & college that requires high intellect (i scored 154 on my IQ, and that was three years ago), i find myself lacking, especially when i comparing myself to my friends who have an average of A's and A-'s. Several times I tried to approach my parents with the subject of going to a doctor, but i end up not doing so, because i worry that they either tell me it's stress or that they would overreact with worry. So I'm asking you, how do i know that i have ADHD? I took the test on the website, it says i have a strong probability of having it, but i want to make sure (so far i'm like 80% sure, considering the fact that i have a final i haven't studied for before in two days and here i am surfing the web aimlessly). thank you for taking the time to read this
    mattthecat responded:
    Welcome HMMRA. I think you answered your own question the only real way to figure out what the problem is would be to see a doctor. When I got diagnosed with ADD I to thought it was ADHD one of the two at least. Although I cheated I skipped my family doctor and went to a mental health clinic. It was a one stop shop they had a doctor, psychiatrists, and councilors wright in one office I new something was not wright and i wanted to put a name to it. The staff at the clinic helped me do that. I live in a huge metropolitan area and got lucky enough for there to be a mental health clinic in driving distance.
    By the way the symptoms you describe can spill over to other mental Illness and even a physical illness or two. I never went to college but I have come to the place were you are I knew I could do better but I kept being slowed down down by something i was pretty sure i have but could not prove it. If you do have ADD/ADHD there are medicines that can help.
    If you become brave enough to see a doctor, get diagnosed re post and if you are interested I could give you pointers on how to cope. This is a very workable illness and there are a ton of things that can be done to get through ADD and ADHD. Good luck and I hope you figure this out soon.


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