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    Is Forgetful part of ADD/ADHD?
    artistjcbebe321 posted:

    I have been suspecting that I may have ADHD for a few years so far. I am 32, a mother of a teen daughter, and married. I am easily overwhelmed, and I forget a lot of things, and sometimes I remember things again in a while later or sometimes a week later. Strange things happens to me. My husband gets tired of my excuses even I don't make excuses on purposes, they are the reasons why things happen like distractions, schedule gets tight, not enough sleep (i have insomnia), and some things that is hard to explain.

    Eventually, I had seen the counselor over a year ago, and the sessions were over, he couldn't ID me as an ADD/ADHD because it was not his specialist, only the family/marriage specialist ( I had problems with my parents, and my past.) So.. now I am thinking about seeing the counselor that is specialist in ADD/ADHD but I do not want to take any medicines. Just want to know if I have ADD/ADHD, and if not, then what is my problem?

    So... Being forgetful part of ADD/ADHD? Feedback, or share your experiences will be much appreciated!!
    mattthecat responded:
    artistjcbebe321 first you may want to forget the councilor and or seek out psychiatrist also unless you live in Canada then never mind. As for the medicine my psychiatrist it was a trade of for getting diagnosed but if i do not take my medicine my psychiatrist will not push me to take them. ADD drugs can be taken on as needed basis depending on the person and drug being taken. I take mine only on days I work.
    As for memory issues Yes forgetfulness is part of ADD but it is not that simple. For me it is that my mind jumps from one thing to another so fast that i do not take time to remember a lot of things. In my opinion most people have a memory that work like they are in a little town they drive the local roads know every aspect of there little town and know just what to do keep things going and get around there little town. While I on the other hand act like an over the road trucker and keep to the hi ways never knowing were I am going next. always looking forward and never back I know a little about the home town routine but never quite getting it because i am always moving forward down the hi way.
    I do not know if what i am saying makes sense to you or the advice above will work for you. But i do hope you figure out what causing you problems soon.

    artistjcbebe321 replied to mattthecat's response:

    Your example is exactly how I am feeling from forgetting. I have many things on my mind, but they are speeding like bees all over one flower. Sometime, my husband asks what I am thinking, and all I can say "nothing really" actually I don't want to explain every thoughts I have in one minute.

    So... I get that a lot everyday as I get older. I am afraid for the worst to come when I am by 40, 50, so on. I am trying to handle it all by myself by putting on notes everywhere in my laptop, my cellphone, little notepads up on the wall.. I feel a mess also it gives me stress to see papers anywhere while it is supposedly to be neat.

    Medicines.. I never have experiences taking any for ADD/ADHD because I am not offically diagonalized yet also I see similar patterns in my daughter. She says sometimes she cannot catch up with her mind as she speaks. She needs a few minutes silence to herself and when she gets the whole thing ready, then she can speak. I don't have that problem, but just with million thoughts hover all around me and I get disconnect from what I am supposed to be doing next.

    I wonder if my insurance covers? I will have to call and find out.

    Thank you Matt, your answer helps and it makes sense. Medicine is only the thing I am afraid of because what if it works, then later it does not work any more. Know what I am saying?

    Again, gracias!
    ADDwarrior5 replied to artistjcbebe321's response:
    Hi Artist,

    First, yes forgetfullness is definitely common in people with ADD/ADHD. The symptoms you and Matt described are exactly the same ones I experience when I am not on meds.

    I was on Concerta (54 - 72mg) for years and it worked but I started getting headaches, chest pain and was irritable. I just started Vyvanse today, so far so good but its only been 2 hours I can tell you that for the last 2 months I was on no meds and I will never do that again, I am a mess without meds and if Vyvanse doesn't work I will try another med.

    2 things I have found that are really important in addition to meds are diet, exercise and sleep. When I am on top of eating right, exercising and getting enough sleep, I find my symptoms are not as bad. When I combine those positive behaviors with meds, I am literally a different (better) person. If you are opposed to meds then I suggest you Google something like "diet for add" or "behavior modification for add". Good luck to you! I know how frustrating add/adhd is, and I would recommend giving meds and behavior modification a shot. You and your family may be very happy with the results...what do you have to lose?
    artistjcbebe321 replied to ADDwarrior5's response:
    Interesting... Addwarrior5, when did you find out that you are ADD? What brought you to decide if there were any problems with you? As for me, it brought my attention from my daughter's behavior also her behavior repeats as when I was around her age. Maybe I had been ADD my whole life? I have no idea. No body, I mean not even teachers notice anything about me. I always had been the best and honor student while my mother mentioned that I was terrible at home. So, I don't understand why all of a sudden that I have it now? Not officially, but I notice many signs everywhere.

    Medicines.... My husband and I are working on trying to have a baby, so.. will the medicines interfere my health from trying to have a baby? I am 32, still young to have a baby. So if that is better to wait, then I guess I ll have to deal with this craps. lol

    Yes, I researched about dieting and workouts, it helps sometimes. The only biggest problem is sleep, when I sleep real good for the two weeks or so then suddenly I cannot sleep for 3 days to a week meanwhile I try to fix my sleep schedule. I have no jobs, just being an artist. So its easy to sleep whenever you feel like but... to screw up the sleep schedule is not funny because it definitely makes a big affect for my energy, and my mind.

    Well, Addwarrior, thanks for the feedback. I appreciated that!
    ADDwarrior5 replied to artistjcbebe321's response:
    I have know I had it since I was about 19, I was put on Ritalin and it really helped. Unfortunately, I was more into partying and drugs which obviously negated the effects of the Ritalin. I wasn't real serious about anything, so I paid no attention to ADD.

    Eventually I straightened up and got a job where it became obvious that my ADD was going to make it impossible to survive, so I went on meds. I would say give the meds a shot, ya never know....

    As for having kids, well I have no idea there! My wife and I struggled to get pregnant for a long time but, it was unrelated to ADD meds. Now we have 3 kids under 5 years old, so I need meds just to survive at home! Good luck getting pregnant, try hard!

    I have found the same thing with sleep, it's like if I get a really good nights sleep I know the next night I will be up late, frustrating! I have taken melatonin or lemon balm to help get me sleepy and they work well. Take either one and then just lay in bed and read, usually works well without feeling foggy or hazy the next morning.

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