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    Son with ADHD having problems
    felisham85 posted:
    I have a son that's 6 & has ADHD & a behavioral disorder & lately we've been having lots of problems especially putting him to bed! He will make any excuse to get out of bed & when we have him lay back down, he throws these fits that he yells as loud as he can! Just crying & whining about anything he can think of. We've tried everything for discipline from spanking, to timeout, to taking things away & currently just not saying or showing any attention when he's throwing these fits. I've asked physicians what's the best way to discipline a child with ADHD/behavioral disorder? I I've gotten different things which are all that I've tried. Another thing, he's not biologically mine nor my husbands so its a little harder to have that connection! Any advise??
    momuv4girls responded:
    I believe when a child this young is having behavior difficulties and has ADHD, that there needs to be an evaluation by a Child Psychiatrist - - in other words, a specialist.

    Your son is young, and will need support and a good environment to thrive......has he started school yet? If so, what do his teachers say about how he behaves there?

    You don't mention whether or not he is on medication, so I am assuming he is not - after an evaluation the Dr. can advise if it may help your son.

    Also, parenting classes can be really helpful in dealing with a child who is challenging.

    You need support and help - I hope you live in a City that offers a lot of services for young children ?? I can help find local resources if you are not sure where to begin.
    If you write back with your City/State of residence, I can do some research for you.

    Take care!
    felisham85 replied to momuv4girls's response:
    Thank you for responding back. He's been on meds since he was in kindergarten (he's gonna be a 1st grader) they started him on focalin & kept on upping the dose but he would get very angry with it so they added intuniv to see if that would help. We were still having the same problems so they changed him to vyvanse & have uped the dose every time he goes in for a follow up. He's currently taking vyvanse 30 mg in the morning & kapvay at night to see if that will help him with his nights, but its not working. I don't want them to constantly be upping the dose & for him to be a zombie all the time. His body gets immune to it within the first week of them changing the dose. We are currently on a waiting list to get evaluated by a child psychiatrist that will look into everything but there's a 6-8 month waiting period!! The other hard part is like I mentioned earlier is that we don't know his history about him or his parents. We've had him since he was 3 weeks but he's not fully ours thru adoption. It's a very complicated story as to why that is. But he's had my husband & I in his life since then with structure & discipline!!
    kshirley responded:
    Our daughter was diagnosed with ADHD when she was 6 (she's now . She's on 20 mg of Vyvanse, which helps her tremendously during the day. For some time prior to her diagnosis, we had a very hard time keeping her in bed and calming her down enough so that she'd go to sleep. Ultimately the best thing for us has been giving her about 250mcg of melatonin. We get ours from Trader Joe's and they are chewable. We only need to give her half a pill an hour before bed and it works beautifully. She's calm and loves to crawl into her bed to sleep. Good luck!
    kshirley replied to kshirley's response:
    I'm sorry...not sure why an emoticon was substituted for her age. She's now 8.
    felisham85 replied to kshirley's response:
    Thank you kshirly, I will try it!! I'm willing to try anything. Lol!!
    booberryjuice responded:
    I have been told from what I believe to be a good behavioral doctor, that You should NOT punish a child with a dissorder they cannot help or controll. I believe this - to an extent, you can reward good behavior, but its too hard to take things away - cuz lets face iot when they are having a fit - nothing you say or do will make a difference to them later! I ignore it the best I can. reasoning wont do it either.I have been thru the same thing since my now 18 yr old and my son - 10. we have tried the 1 mg. of melatonin at bedtime - and it worked great . but it didnt last, so we now had to give him an antidepressant - not to my liking - but .. It works soo much better - I can finally get some sleep - thru the night no doubt! worth a shot if the melatonin don't work.
    booberryjuice replied to booberryjuice's response:
    I would like to add a few ideas...Could you read 1-2 easy books at bedtime to get him interested in staying in bed? might make him sleepy - even if you 'fake yawn' it could help. explain WHAT you expect for the bedtime routine. Not showing emotion and ignoring it will definitely help. I used to be so upset when my kids would do this - for hours sometimes! but showing no emotion -is good, also keep the lights low. Maybe use a reward system- can be a trip to the park, play a game , read an extra book, doesn't have to cost anything. But should be rewarded the NEXT night after he goes to bed good. My DD used to last up to 4 hours with fits! She went from 4 hours of colic to 3-4 fits lasting 1-3 hrs. at age 3. So I know fits better than most! Not much helps at the meltdown point - and its pointless to give punishments at that time because they cant even 'go there', till they are calmed down. So try not to get too upset - its NOT your fault - but they also cant help it. So try to stay calm - or look like you are- I've mastered that. lol Small steps. Good luck!

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