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    Looking for other treatment of ADHD for my 9 yr. ol.
    naa22 posted:
    My 9yr. old son was diagnosed by his pediatrician with ADHD a few months ago. She received feedback from his teachers and evaluated him. Is this all that is typically done when diagnosing ADHD? He has been on Concerta and these past two days during his basketball game he has complained of his heart hurting and beating really fast. I called his dr and the nurse said he will need an EKG done and that this could be due to the medicine. When my son does not have his medicine he is obnoxious and says inappropriate things like fart, suck balls, etc....I am not sure if this is true ADHD behavior or not. His dr said if the medicine stops this then it really is ADHD. I plan on taking him off of the medicine. What are my other options for treatment. Has anyone experienced this with their child at all? Any insight you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time!
    chiminginwhereican responded:
    Firstly, I am not an expert in the field of ADHD, I am a college student who has taken numerous courses and learned about ADHD and other learning disabilities. The information below is largely taken from course materials from classes I have taken. That said, I simply had to respond to your post, I know it's been two months and the chances that you read this may be slim, but there's always the chance someone will read it and find part of it helpful.

    Treatment of ADHD is typically tackled in several categories at once, medication is only one part of that. I cannot address any of the potential health concerns you have due to his medication, however I can offer some advice. Treatment of ADHD and helping a child / student with ADHD is done both at home, and at school, to that end there are things to consider. Firstly, family and child counseling is often recommended and can prove helpful, so it is something to consider. For something that you can do yourself, consider adapting some of the teaching strategies designed to help students who have ADHD to your home life. For example, in order to help a student's focus in the classroom, a teacher would seat the student somewhere with less distractions (noises, things to look at, other students who may have behavior problems, etc.) so at home you can try and make sure that he has a good place to work on homework that is distraction free. Another idea you might try adapting is breaking up assignments (so more likely chores or homework at home) into smaller tasks and allowing for some freedom in between tasks to get out some energy and be able to re-focus on the next task. There are many valuable teaching and parenting strategies for children with ADHD out there that are a part of treatment.
    ubblessed responded:
    My son has ADHD. He took medication when he was young which helped him focus in school. However, medication is ONLY a mask for the REAL problem. My son was in counseling and I believe he not only needed the change his way of eating, but he needed to learn behavior modification techniques. He still says and does things WITHOUT THINKING. He is now 32 years old and since he is an adult, he must now control himself. it is no longer my responsibility to be his conscience and to give him medication so he can focus in school. It is VERY difficult to raise an ADHD child and no one knows unless you are the one raising them. I don't even think the doctor's know anything except to give medication and then you are the one to say whether the medication is helping with the desired outcome. (To function in society). You have to watch your child closely and see which medication works for them. Of course, their health is #1 and their education is #2.
    ubblessed replied to chiminginwhereican's response:
    Thank you for responding to this thread. Are there any books you would recommend for someone who has a child with ADHD? I too suffer from adult ADHD. I have a job that has disruptions consistently, so that works for me. However, I do say and do things that have created issues at work with other employees (I believe). I can see that I am an outcast. Even though I am a kind and caring person - I see the way people treat me. It's not good and I would like to get more information on this disease. Not only to help myself, but to give ideas to my son too.

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